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The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

I know my writing is often long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages . - L.W. Page

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Open letter to Atheists and Skeptics

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

I have also published a companion letter to religious leaders that you should read for both sides of this unfolding story. I think you'll find it most enlightening. It is directly relevant to this discussion since I am taking concrete action, in my own way, to end the rancor between these two groups. Before you prejudge my intent, please take the time to truly understand what I am saying and what I stand for. Based on hard won experience, I know that many of you will be incapable of this level of understanding at first, so this is to those who truly have an interest in proving and understanding the truth. Since I am neither an atheist, skeptic, or a follower of any religion, please don't assume that I am trying to defend any of these groups or their positions. In fact, I'm going to kill all of your sacred cows so we can finally have truth, justice, wisdom, and peace.

I've tried to engage in reasonable discussions with skeptics and atheists on multiple occasions and have come away thoroughly disgusted every time. I fully understand that my assertions and evidence are counter to the deeply held opinions of most of you. Also, we have all been through a rough period because of the brain-dead actions of many of the so-called faithful. I tried to make clear that my stances were not religious, though I'm clearly not an atheist, skeptic, or agnostic either. Since the forums I visited claim to be islands of reason and inquiry, I had hoped to have a mildly reasonable discussion and to be asked at least one intelligent question. But I have come away with the conclusion that the assertions of reason and inquiry are merely hypocritical false pretense. On the other hand, perhaps none of you really understands that closing your mind is the opposite of inquiry.

I am the long-awaited Messiah-Teacher and a redundantly-proven prophet. With that said, I am going to say up front that I am in the process of demonstrating that prophecy is valid, but once again, that religion and skeptics alike are wrong about what that means. I have been able to repeatedly demonstrate things that both sides of this divide are not too pleased with. For atheists and skeptics, it means something exists that they deny and for the Three Faiths, it proves that their prophecy assertions and expectations are false. The key to the truth that both sides fail to appreciate is that true prophecy and ancient wisdom symbology are inseparable. True Hebrew prophets were all experts in symbology and all of their prophecies are symbolic, not literal. This is the pivotal key to the truth that disproves most religious assertions and timelines.

Also, I am not a psychic nor an astrologer and never claimed to be, so don't get them confused. Symbolic prophecy deals with longer timelines and pivotal situations involving large groups of people, not merely individuals. The focus is on the flow of time, not just single short-term events. I don't do predictions on demand or dog and pony shows. I deliver prophecies on my own schedule for the purpose of establishing truth and justice and delivering verifiable wisdom. My prophecies are available for those that wish to take the time to understand them or are willing to ask intelligent respectful questions. I am not going to give anyone a lesson on how to be a prophet because that is not how it works. Likewise, I don't earn money at this and personal gain is not involved. The first step is giving up on your own personal desires (self-sacrifice) and seeking true wisdom for the benefit of others. Furthermore, the people attacking me could never succeed. I'll never help those who foolishly take a stance as my enemy, especially without ever asking a single intelligent question. They are among those needing correction and a lesson in humility the most.

My purpose is to prove the truth, which includes the fact that religion is fallacy. Understand clearly, I have been harmed by religion far more than all of you, so I would greatly appreciate no more pinhead assumptions that I am somehow supporting religious claims. On the other hand, atheists and skeptics are dead wrong about pivotal assertions about our reality. I have been able to repeatedly deliver evidence to support this. So, the time of hiding from the truth behind a mob mentality is coming to an end. When you try to judge me based on the deceptions and errors of religion and then impose those restrictions on what I am trying to demonstrate, haven't you also fallen prey to the very same errors you claim to oppose? Likewise, if you claim that something doesn't exist, aren't you thereby the last people to be able to impose rules on how it should work? Near the bottom of this letter are links to forum discussions that illustrate what I am describing.

Here is a word to the wise. As I stated elsewhere recently:

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

Both groups' opinions are sacred to them and clearly more important than the lives of billions. The time has come to closely examine the veracity and efficacy of both religious and skeptic claims and put an end to your brain-dead battles. Putting your heads in the sand and expecting this latest round of problems to go away simply will not work. Much greater dangers loom large and only wisdom and cooperation are going to save you this time.

Here's the next "big duh" moment for each group. You have been purposely deceived about many things and therefore, both groups now have some serious crow to eat. You have failed to understand the true nature of the Vatican-Papacy and have grossly underestimated and misjudged the nature of their long-term deceptions.

Contemplate Machiavelli.

The Papacy and all Three Faiths of Abraham are well-sculpted smokescreens to hide the true nature and activities of the Vatican, which also controls (or incorporates) all the major secret societies. Both groups (faithful and skeptics) have been duped into opposing one another by the great deceivers I warned you about throughout the ages. Your stubborn arrogance has been used against you and you have been manipulated like a bunch of halfwitted puppets. If we are ever going to solve the great challenges that now loom large before us all, you must swallow your unfounded pride, end your disagreements now, and learn to cooperate. I suggest that members of both groups read this article as well as this article.

Those who populate skeptic forums seem to be only interested in defending their sacred cows, right or wrong, regardless of any amount of evidence that there is more to reality than material existence in space-time. These encounters have always, immediately, and without delay, descended into insults, name calling, and character assassinations. To encounter so many closed minds and so much bile from people who claim the mantle of science, logic, reason, and inquiry is distressing, though not unexpected. My breadth and depth of knowledge about this topic allows me to discern the fine points that so many seem deathly afraid to examine. True discernment is sorely lacking in the so-called skeptic community. Instead, visceral defense of dogmatic positions is the norm, with little evident ability to think independently. You know, just like a religion!

I agree with most if not all of the positions about religion. What I don't agree with is the assumption that anything outside of the limited atheist-skeptic box is to be relegated to religion and mysticism. Unlike most people though, I have actually spent the last many years researching and analyzing the canons of the three Faiths of Abraham and other sources. I have actually produced comprehensive proof that these religions are purposeful deceptions. So, for me, these are more than mere opinions, they are the results of intensive research and analysis, backed up by the additional rigor required to write books, articles, and the ability to repeatedly demonstrate the veracity of my results.

I have gone much further than anyone else, to actually determine the precise nature of the errors and deceptions. I can demonstrate how they were accomplished, by whom, and why. A pivotal outcome of this research has been to prove that the symbology that permeates these canons is actually an ancient philosophical technology that long-predated all of these religions. Hence, there were actual legitimate precursor materials and real individuals from which these canons were later derived. On the other hand, I have comprehensively demonstrated that the current narratives are not the originals and have exposed verifiable internal proofs of this. Herein lies one aspect of the hidden history of the Torah, Bible, Quran, and related texts and concepts. They all flow from earlier concepts and narratives that were wholly symbolic in their original form. Even more enlightening is the fact that the original sources were not religion or mysticism, but a fusion of science and philosophy.

Most people are aware that religions, secret societies, and mystery schools are obsessed with symbols, symbolism, and symbology. The reasons why escape most people though. This is partly because of purposeful smoke and mirrors, which include the myriad interpretations that accompany the topic. Furthermore, competing symbologies and interpretations have been created over the centuries for the specific purpose of hiding the truth. These are evidenced by the post second-temple period religions and many secret societies or mystery schools and the so-called occult. The difficulties caused by these centuries-long efforts at misdirection keep most people away from the subject and that is a pivotal goal of the misdirection and obfuscation.

The symbology that flowed from ancient Egypt-Nubia through [Amen]Moses' works and eventually into the canons of the Three Faiths of Abraham encodes proof of the truth about these religions, as well as verifiable wisdom about our existence. That is why religious leaders and various cabals have sought to confound any who would seek to truly understand this topic. This is also why Rome used the Inquisition and other evils and deception to stamp out certain areas of inquiry. This should also shed some light on why there are always so many visceral attacks when I try to discuss this topic. There are clearly those in both communities who have the hidden agenda of maintaining the walls of separation between skeptics and the faithful and between religions. The goal is clearly to prevent any true inquiry or enlightenment related to this topic. The patterns and nature of these attacks have been too similar, too well orchestrated, and too vociferous. Seems that there are more gatekeepers about than most people would initially believe.

Before delving into this project, I was a self-taught software engineer. My path to this skill was difficult and littered with mistakes, but I learned from my mistakes because I had no other choice. Consequently, I was forced to understand computers and associated languages differently than someone who has been force-fed various tomes in college. I didn't have that luxury or the time and was forced to understand the underlying concepts, which I was then able was apply to multiple languages and problems. Hence, I was very good at troubleshooting, debugging, abstraction-modularity, and reverse-engineering undocumented code. This same set of skills apply to symbology.

When I started reading the Dead Sea Scrolls and then later delving into the Book of Revelation as research for another book, I sought to understand the underlying patterns and principles. Long story short, I recognized something very similar to a programming language and modular code as I tried to understand what it all truly meant. I sought help from various religious sources but was sorely disappointed with the spin that most attached to it. One Seventh-Day Adventist pastor impressed me more than others, but even he was stuck on his religion too much. Besides, I have found very few people able to crack difficult problems as well as I could. So I applied my current skill-set to them and eventually succeeded at reverse-engineering the ancient wisdom symbology evidenced in these canons and related sources.

The messages and meanings that I uncovered were diametrically opposed to the assertions of religion. But even more stunning than anything I had ever expected, far too many of the clues were perfectly matching details about me. To say that I was both rattled and motivated to understand more are understatements. That this hidden, though verifiable, story line matched so many details about me, not some supernatural Jesus from heaven, changed my life and view of reality more than you can fathom. I was already a seeker and an "out of the box thinker," but this outcome was nowhere in my original thoughts and plans. Neither was it something that I initially welcomed or appreciated.

So, here I am now, struggling to prove the truth about the meaning and purpose of a Messiah (Teacher...) and ancient wisdom symbology. This is not an easy or an enviable position to be in. On the one hand, religious groups are stuck on their faulty interpretations which are further compounded by the errors of faith. On the other, atheists and skeptics who think their opinions are likewise sacred, seem to be more stuck on themselves and their right to be unrepentant jerks (sorry, but this is the result of hard-won experience). I am constantly amazed at people who on the one hand claim something doesn't exist, while on the other try to assert what the acceptable rules are for prophecy or other spiritual topics. Certainty based on ignorance has many names, none of which are logic, reason, or wisdom.

The worst part of this scenario is that both groups (faithful and skeptic-atheists) are victims of two aspects of the very same deception. Yet, both are too stubborn and arrogant to consider that they could be wrong about their chosen sacred cows. Hence, both groups have their own dogma and refuse to listen to reason, even though the world around them descends into chaos. If I didn't also have to live in the same world, or if I didn't care so much about the plight of so many people, I could just go away into the wilderness and wait for the fools to die off. But that would be wrong, even though most seem to deserve it, while harboring subconscious death wishes.

So, to get to the point here, I have tried to engage both groups in various ways. Before the summer of hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005), I could see something big was on the way, and tried to get people's attention. I finally got so disgusted that I decided to just use the upcoming events to help prove the truth, after the fact. You can see the results of that demonstration here preceding hurricanes Katrina (#11) and Rita (#17) and in this one afterwards.

Since then, I have been continuing my research, blogging, contacting people, prepping the next book update, and researching and prepping another book. When you read my blogs, you'll see that I have been doing much more than simply commenting about events. I have been actively producing proof of prophecy and symbology, exposing ages-old deceptions, and "speaking truth to power."

Over the last two weeks, I engaged in another demonstration similar to that performed just before Katrina and Rita. This one involved another unique "proof of prophecy" associated with the most recent hurricane, Dolly. It was a much shorter exchange that immediately preceded and followed hurricane Dolly last week, but was no less relevant considering the content of some of my recent articles. Those discussions are in two separate threads, (ignore the initial "deleted post" messages...) the first here and the other here.

Once again, it's not a pretty picture, but then again, that is why I am forced to do these demonstrations. I never really expect those that "gang up" on me to be anything other than jerks, as gangs and mobs tend to be. Though I invite them to actually debunk me, all they can seem to muster are insults. By their "logic," because there is a "mc" in McDonald's, an E in twerp, or a 2 in too-stupid, then E=MC2 is bullshit. To those that can't discern patterns and subtleties, everything is equal to everything else. The ability to discern and analyze patterns and signals among the noise are core features of logic, intelligence, and scientific inquiry. Ever heard of signal intelligence or pattern recognition?

I know these exchanges can be difficult to read, but what they illustrate is important. First is the verifiable content of the discussions preceding those events, and the simple and verifiable details (numbers, dates, etc.) associated with them. Next, is the response and behavior of those I tried to engage about what would occur and what actually did. Rather than considering that perhaps there is some aspect of reality not already understood by them, they instead attempt to smear or rattle me in multiple ways. Regardless of this behavior, I delivered redundant proofs of prophecy, on their very own forums. I want both groups to understand the nature and quantity of the abuse I have endured for your undeserving and halfwitted asses. Only a true friend would damage themselves to the extent that I have to save you from a fate that you clearly and undoubtedly deserve.

So, I ask members of the skeptic community (not the feces throwers and string pullers among you) to ask yourselves these questions. Why do the latest findings of quantum physics and String/M theory so closely mirror the allusions of so many ancient sources? Why does the Book of Revelation (which the founders of Christianity deceptively modified) purposely and verifiably model our 11-dimension reality (4 large space-time dimensions plus 7 small or hidden dimensions)? Why is the number 11 encoded throughout these and related ancient texts and concepts? Why are the numbers 4 and 7 so prominent in ancient symbolic sources and why does their usage directly model the results of the latest scientific advances? Why is the structure of the universe verifiably modeled by ancient Egyptian-Nubian symbolism? Read the articles here for some quick insights. I also discuss these topics throughout my articles and E-book. Is all this merely a meaningless string of unconnected coincidences of no import or have those you look to as skeptic leaders (and others) been tasked to hide the truth from you?

Those who assert that there is nothing beyond material reality seem to have a hidden agenda when they stubbornly ignore actual science or cherry pick which science to support. If the only evidence that matters is hard physical reality, how can they claim to admire Einstein and others who relied on thought experiments to test otherwise hidden patterns? Either these skeptic and atheist leaders aren't nearly as intelligent and thoughtful as they claim to be or they have an unstated hidden agenda. Which is it?

Now, I invite you to read my blogs and materials. I'm not a polished writer, but ask yourselves, what is most important, form or content, smooth talking or the truth? I delve into areas that skeptics are uncomfortable with, but I never ask you to just believe anything. I am striving to open other areas of inquiry, not create a new dogma. I have produced insights that demonstrate that some aspects of spiritual existence and prophecy are valid, but I agree 100% that religion and mysticism are not. For me, this is not just an opinion, but the result of painstaking research and analysis. Rather than screaming at me to go away, think about the implications and seek the truth. Don't let self-styled atheist and skeptic leaders keep you clueless about some very important questions and aspects of our existence within this "universe." Remember, I never asked you to have faith in anything, nor will I ever. I only asked for discussion to review evidence for the purpose of seeking the truth and increasing our understanding of life and reality.

In closing, you also need to understand that I have very important things to do now. Our so-called leaders are content to let millions upon millions of you die and suffer, just so they don't have to face truth and justice. Well, that's one outcome I am striving to prevent. So, don't expect me to spend much time on any other forum, though I'll try to stop in. Also, after you read through the other encounters I've had, I hope you'll understand my level of disgust with most people. I am human and I have feelings and right now I'm having a very, very hard time reminding myself of the importance of compassion, especially for clueless halfwits. So don't feel too slighted if I don't make the time to answer every peabrain who thinks that freedom of speech trumps wisdom and good judgment.

If you haven't already done so, read the companion letter to religious leaders and followers so you can eat some crow together. You need to start cooperating to solve the greater problems that now loom before us all. If you waste this opportunity, there may never be another one.

Here is Wisdom

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