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I know my writing is often long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages . - L.W. Page

Friday, April 27, 2012

Talpiot Tombs Encode Stunning Proof New Testament is a Roman Deception

History records how groups like the Essenes, Gnostics, Ebionites, Cathars, Templars and others were ruthlessly eliminated by Rome, and their knowledge destroyed, because they possessed some evidence that contradicted the Bible or Christian dogma.

The recent controversy surrounding the Talpiot Tombs in Israel was initiated by the Jesus Discovery Team's efforts to spin a wholly unsupportable interpretation of the meaning of very unique imagery on one of these latest ossuaries. They claimed the fish/vessel like image was the "sign of Jonah and the whale" and the earliest proof of Christianity. The Biblical scholars arrayed against them have been arguing it is only the picture of a vessel. Both sides of this transparent staged controversy have gone to great lengths to avoid saying the word symbol or even admitting the possibility. Clearly, they have been tasked to steer the conversation away from Hebrew symbols or meanings, by going to great lengths to entertain New Testament assertions, while quickly dismissing all others.

Regardless of these transparent efforts to attempt to hide the true meaning and importance of what was discovered in this tomb site, there is irrefutable proof that the image in question is actually the merger of a fish and vessel. It is a zodiac-derived symbol merging the constellations Pisces and Aquarius. The previous two millennia during which Christianity arose and grew to dominate the planet was during the zodiac age of Pisces, which proves the source of the fish symbolism is not as Rome has long claimed. In other words, these images are time-stamped symbolic codes that hide a series of messages that completely contradict everything Christian Rome has claimed about the sources and timelines of the New Testament and pivotal events during the Second Temple period.

Those who created these two ossuaries went to great lengths to leave proof for future generations that it was they who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls in exactly 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. That same code is also used in Genesis in the story of Joseph and his dream of 11 stars, when he was 17 years old. The precise same star-time code is also used throughout the Book of Revelation to encode a time frame from the 11th until the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle, as earlier encoded in Genesis. That period stretches from the early years of the zodiac age of Pisces until the early years of the Age of Aquarius, which began in 2001.

That precise time period is encoded on the front of both of these ossuaries, using the same star-time code but with different symbols to reinforce the intent and meaning. Thereby, those buried in this tomb have left proof that the Book of Revelation was authored before the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple. This now verifiable fact completely destroys every claim that Christian Rome has made about the New Testament and related history, including everything claimed and written about someone named Jesus. This proves the Book of Revelation was authored by someone associated with Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls and is most likely buried in this tomb. It also shows that Revelation was authored a minimum of three hundred years before the New Testament, which begs the question of why they went to such great lengths to lie about this pivotal history and timeline, for two millennia, until now.

The evidence on these two ossuaries also provides solid proof of prophecy by one of the occupants of this tomb, which perfectly matches multiple details throughout the Book of Revelation. Furthermore, the so-called Jonah Ossuary contains a concentration of advanced wisdom symbols designed to prove they were Hebrew sages, not Christians nor even religious. The crush of evidence in this tomb site was purposely designed to initiate the collapse of the lies underlying all three Faiths of Abraham. After all, what better way to bring peace between warring religions than to reveal a truth that completely eliminates the cause for war. All three faiths of Abraham are blatant deceptions, ultimately controlled by Rome and now the Vatican. Pandora's box has been opened and the truth can no longer be hidden. Humanity has been duped into fighting over lies and no religion is the truth.

The article Illuminating the Talpiot Tomb and Jesus Discovery Controversy is part one of a four-part series. It proves the truth about the symbology of these tomb sites and what they encode. This provides solid evidence that Rome has always lied about the birth of Christianity. These two ossuaries provide stunning proof that all three so-called Faiths of Abraham are blatant deceptions. Now we have archeological evidence, left by the victims themselves, in the form of a prophetic time capsule, purposely designed to be opened during the spring of 2012, hence right now.

Note: 3/18/2013;
More to come soon, but here is a peak at more tomb related revelations...

To truly understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology, reading Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand is an absolute requirement.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ancient Sting Operation Exposes Modern World Leaders' Darkest Secret

PRESS RELEASE - December 19, 2011
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The unsealing of long-hidden ancient secrets now provides stunning proof of precisely what certain religious, political, and monetary leaders have been so desperate to hide, for so long.

Throughout his book, Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, Mr Buddy Page, aka Seven Star Hand, presents verifiable proof that ancient sages and prophets opposed religion and wisely never trusted religious leaders. In fact, they participated in a very long-term and well-orchestrated sting-operation against religion and purposefully hid vital secrets from religious leaders throughout the previous several millennia. Mr. Page has been tasked to complete an ages-old sting operation against religious leaders and the rich and powerful. As the direct result, both religious and political leaders have panicked and acted strangely and foolishly. The precise reasons have been well hidden from most behind layers of misdirection.

The ancient sages and prophets employed a body of symbolized wisdom encoded within well-known symbols and symbolic narratives, and passed down through the ages by a long series of sages, prophets, and like-minded groups and individuals. They purposely used religion and religious canons as the conduit to transmit encoded proof of religious lies throughout the ages. For most of the last two millennia, Christian Rome oppressed and terrorized myriad souls for trying to understand the truth about ancient symbols and what they have always encoded about human existence. Now that this long dark game has been exposed to the bright light, religious leaders and their rich cohorts have been working overtime to distract and misdirect from proof that their age-old con-game is exposed.

Seven Star Hand demonstrates proof that the details of this ancient sting-operation were always protected by a series of enlightened individuals and secretive groups who were experts with ancient symbols, all awaiting a very specific future time, hence now. Conversely, religious leaders and their rich and powerful cohorts have gone to great lengths to oppose, confound, and misdirect any efforts that sought to reveal the truth and wisdom encoded within ancient symbols, the symbolism within their canons, and alluded to by the heavily symbolic ancient mysteries. As history and current events have shown us, top religious leaders fear the truth about religion and go to great lengths to prevent widespread knowledge of any evidence exposing pivotal foundational lies.

Ancient symbols, and the profound wisdom they encode, are also a pivotal focus of Freemasonry. This provides insights into why those involved in similar esoteric endeavors over the centuries were so violently opposed by Christian Rome and why Freemasonry is still feared (and smeared...) by the Vatican and cohorts. Though Seven Star Hand is not a Freemason, his research proves that religious assertions about Freemasonry are mostly well-orchestrated lies and purposeful misdirection meant to prevent most people from gaining any true insights into ancient symbols and the associated wisdom. Earlier articles and releases explore proof of this reality in great detail.

Throughout the history of Christian Rome and its proxy-kingdoms, empires, and leaders, we saw them target numerous so-called heretic and pagan groups, which often included entire populations. From the outset of Christianity, through the early centuries, through Medieval Europe, the various Crusades, the Inquisition, and much more, one blood-soaked thread runs throughout the pogroms, massacres, crusades, and extended periods of religiously inspired oppression and war. Christian Rome has been desperately afraid of people learning the truth about the symbolism of the ancients that also permeates the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham. They have always known that the lies at the core of these religions were completely exposed to anyone that grasps what the ancient symbols have always encoded.

Insights into ancient symbols, and the wisdom they have always encoded, is why groups like the Essenes, Gnostics, Druids, Cathars, Templars, and others were targeted for extermination by Rome. It is also why Jews were targeted as a group from the outset of Christianity and why Islam is a repeated target. It is why symbols and symbology have been labeled as evil, the occult, heresy, blasphemy, and any other slur required to scare people away from learning the truth. Any individual or group that gained true insights into the meaning of ancient symbols was always targeted by Christian Rome or its proxies, and now by the Vatican and its cohorts.

Even the present Vatican has been desperately struggling to prevent most people from ever understanding the whole truth about ancient symbols, but especially stars and angels, and the profound disproof and insights they encode about pivotal ancient mysteries and religious claims. Their behavior towards the Dead Sea Scrolls is only one recent example. The Vatican's fear of what the discovery of the Dead Seas Scrolls represented was clearly well founded. Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols describes some simple yet devastating facts about the symbolism employed by the burial of the Dead Sea Scrolls in exactly 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar and its purposeful relationship to star symbolism. This and other long-hidden secrets decisively disprove Christian assertions about the source of the Book of Revelation, and expose numerous deceptive changes made by the early Christian leaders.

As mentioned earlier, the ancient sting operation also focused on the rich and powerful and the ages-long illicit relationship with religious leaders, but most especially with Christian Rome and now the Vatican. Ancient prophecies like Isaiah and Revelation leave little doubt that exposing and ending the excesses of the rich and powerful were a vital focus of the ancient saints and prophets. As explored in the article Money is Slavery by Proxy, the close marriage between religion, money, and governance/politics stretches back for millennia to ancient Babylon. History also shows that control of the source of money and religion were still tightly wed in ancient Rome, later in Christian Rome, and now in the Vatican. Discussions of usury and financial fraud are found throughout the Hebrew texts. Even the New Testament speaks of the "money-changers in the temple" as one of the primary grievances against the Romans leading up to the Jewish revolts against them.

One of the great secrets of our modern world revolves around the Vatican's great wealth, the Vatican Bank, and why world leaders maintain such close ties to this obscenely rich and opulent ancient city-state. Solving that mystery and exposure of this most explosive of long-hidden secrets has been an important component of the ancient sting operation. In short, Rome has had control of the source of money in its empire since the time of Imperial Rome, and they never lost it. In other words, Rome has been hiding a secret central bank for centuries.

Over the last century, they and cohorts extended the banking system secretly controlled by the remnants of ancient Rome to the entire planet. All central banks like the Federal Reserve System, European Central Bank, and the Bank of England are tied into a secret bank hidden by proxies like the Rothschild Family. Thereby, the secret central bank of Planet Earth is hidden by the Vatican and its primary cohorts. This is precisely how it was done in ancient Rome and throughout the past two millennia. Now that same secret and illicit merger between central banks and top religious institutions is finally exposed for the world to see.

The other important component of the ancient sting operation has been to solve the ancient symbolic mysteries and prove that these religions are purposeful deceptions. In this way, it can be shown that the Vatican and world leaders have been struggling to hide the fact that these religions and the global financial system are secretly controlled from Rome through a series of proxies. Both religion and money are great deceptions used to deceive and manipulate the entire planet. World leaders are knowingly involved in this deception and that is why they show such deference to the Vatican. Exposure of this great secret is also behind recent moves by the US Congress and President Obama to pass the SOPA and NDAA legislation. World leaders and those that pull their strings from the shadows are now between a rock and hard place and have been acting strangely and foolishly as the result.

Now reconsider the correct phrasing of the story about turning over the money changers tables. It should have said; turning the tables on the money-changers in the temple. Now the tables have been turned and religious, monetary, and political leaders are desperately scrambling in numerous ways to avoid facing truth, justice, and the ire of the entire planet.

The series of press releases and articles published as a supplement to Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols can be read via To truly understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology, reading Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand is an absolute requirement.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ancient Wisdom Provides a Simple Blueprint For a Wise and Just Civilization

PRESS RELEASE - November 15, 2011
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As the blatantly deceptive global monetary systems continue their inexorable implosion, while millions across the planet are in open revolt, it is now undeniable that human civilization is on the verge of a calamitous collapse.

As explored within Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, and earlier articles and releases, the ultimate goal of the ancient sages and prophets was to pass along the wisdom required to save humanity from its own folly, at a specific time far in their futures. Throughout the canons of all major religions and the ancient sources that preceded them, a common thread exists warning humanity about the dangers of greed, money, and usury, hence credit, interest, and compounding debt. It is very curious that these wise men of ancient civilizations when to such lengths to warn the future about the dangers of greed and banking. Too many have been misled into thinking that ancient prophecies only predict physical disasters, when in fact, the collapse of human civilization is directly linked to greed and arrogant leaders.

Unlike natural disasters that often come with minimal warning, the unfolding collapse of the Euro, when coupled with the massive debt and derivatives time-bombs ticking in the USA, is heading humanity towards a calamitous plunge into a bottomless abyss. Unlike similar collapses in the past, the great size of both government and corporate debts, derivatives, and other nasty surprises are about to damage the global financial system beyond any easy or acceptable repairs. The global debts that are about to come due are simply too big to be repaid, without cruelly enslaving the entire planet to bankers. If you pay close attention to the handful of economists and bankers now pushing for draconian measures upon entire populations, it appears that is precisely what they are striving to accomplish.

To greatly complicate matters, the process of creating money used by the Federal Reserve and all central banking systems is riddled with blatant fraud and deception. A rapidly growing number of people now fully grasp the endless-loop math used to dupe the whole world into accepting an illusion designed to secretly and methodically gain control of the whole planet. Occupy WallStreet, End the Fed, and related movements have become aware that the crushing debts imposed upon populations and governments were accomplished by hiding the truth about the purpose and source of money. With Pandora's box open and the genie out of the bottle, ongoing efforts by banks to impose draconian measures upon awakening populations can only lead to one place; a great calamity engulfing the entire globe that will make the French Revolution look tame by comparison.

The only way to avoid rapidly approaching disaster is to proactively scrap the old system and replace it with a truly wise and just model of civilization. Money is a man-made system, not a natural law. When any system fails and causes such horrendous consequences, it is a moral imperative to fix it or scrap it and stop the suffering and struggle of billions and the destruction of the natural world. Our civilization and species is near total collapse because of people's ignorance about the true nature and purpose of money and the mind-boggling greed and arrogance of those who control its creation and use that power to corrupt and manipulate our so-called leaders.

The ancient sages and prophets not only sent very specific and detailed warnings through time, they also sent the wisdom necessary to prevent the unimaginable chaos, destruction, and environmental contamination that would ensue following the collapse of our nuclear and heavily militarized civilization. As should be obvious to everyone by now, monetary and political systems and leaders have utterly failed. Now that global monetary collapse can no longer be denied or prevented, these leaders are mostly clueless and the only solutions offered are more of the same. It should also be obvious that they plan to deliver us all into the hands of those that control the planet's secret central bank. Since money is about to die, now is the time to plan a system no longer controlled or conceived by those that caused the problems. We can be proactive and act to save ourselves before the calamity occurs or foolishly suffer through the chaos and accept solutions from those that caused the collapse.

All of the great efforts of the ancient sages and prophets, throughout the past 11 millennia, have been designed to deliver a long-promised simple gem of ancient wisdom called the Doctrine of Two Spirits. It has been given numerous ancient names like [Amen]Moses' "two tables of stone," Thoth's emerald tablet(s), Jacob's Ladder, Wisdom's Seven Pillars, the Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail, the Grail Stone, etc. This ancient treasure of wisdom is now available to humanity when most needed, as we teeter on the brink of a disastrous collapse of global civilization.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Links to read and download the e-book for free are available at

Science and ancient wisdom have finally worked together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and decisively prove the truth about all religions. You may prove it to yourself at

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Lion Roars Onto IPads, Kindles, and Other Tablets During August

PRESS RELEASE - August 11, 2011
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Hot on the heels of OSX Lion for the Mac, a lion of another stripe leaps onto flowing-text capable e-book readers and tablets like the Ipad, Kindle, Nook, and others.

Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, aka "the Lion of the Tribe of Juda," has succeeded where myriad other books and researchers have utterly failed across the centuries. The long-hidden truth about many ancient mysteries is now within the grasp of all who desire to know the truth. The ancient mysteries have long been closely associated with symbols and symbology, but especially those of ancient Egypt and the direct variant used by AmenMoses and the long line of Hebrew sages and prophets. Pivotal ancient mysteries have now been verifiably solved by reverse-engineering the symbology of the ancients. Unfortunately for religious leaders, this completely exposes pivotal ancient lies.

Now there is stunning and comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual and philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, this is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called “Faiths of Abraham” are purposeful deceptions. Accordingly, related esoterica, mystery schools, and the New Age are rife with error caused by undue reliance upon the assertions of these religions and their leaders.

All the ancient wisdom traditions were heavily steeped in similar symbology and the zodiac. The evidence stretches from before ancient Egypt until the modern age. Throughout that entire period, the lion has served as a pivotal symbol that has been recast and misused to hide its true purposes. Recent evidence leaves little room for doubt that both the Sphinx and pyramids were built over 11,000 years ago, during the zodiac age of the Lion. We now refer to it by the Greek title, Leo. Thereby, the long line of symbols, symbolism, and symbology originating from before ancient Egypt, stretching throughout its long history, and throughout Hebrew symbolic texts and prophecies, purposely and redundantly encode the age of the lion. Consequently, the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, the lion-bodied and Ram-Headed sphinxes associated with the temple complexes of Amen, and the Great Sphinx that predates them all, purposely point to the ancient Age of the Lion.

Many are already fully aware that many of the symbols of the ancient wisdom traditions, also used by the Hebrew sages and prophets, are purposeful and precise pointers to zodiac symbols and associated periods of time. They purposely encode details about pivotal times, situations, and events associated with them. Thereby, the use of lion symbolism is a purposeful allusion to the zodiac age of 11,000 to 13,000 years ago. It is also clear that the lion symbolism and the associated zodiac house of Leo are purposely tied to the expectation of an individual who will appear during a time of great troubles and upheavals to help solve humanity's long term problems. That individual, sometimes symbolized as the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, is also directly associated with the so-called apocalypse.

The long-misused term "apocalypse" actually refers to the revealing of long-hidden secrets and the solving of ancient mysteries, which consequently causes the rapid collapse of traditional dogma, assumptions, and by logical extension, any wealth and power long associated with them. The ancient sages and prophets hid vital secrets from religious leaders throughout the previous several millennia. When these decoded details are compared to the history, words, and deeds of these religions and their leaders, they finally prove the truth about many long-hidden things. These religions have always purposely imposed ignorance based on the deceptive recasting of earlier symbolic concepts and narratives; that also expertly encoded the keys to ancient wisdom as redundant proofs of the truth. Arrogant religious leaders, while hypocritically lecturing others about morality, have long overlooked that the ancient sages and prophets were painfully aware of their then-current and future misdeeds and deceptions, and patiently and expertly prepared for them!

Mr. Buddy Page, aka Seven Star Hand, the individual long expected within numerous circles, was also born during August as a Leo and during the year of the Sheep, as a newborn lamb. His birthdays of August 11th 1955, 1999, and 2011 match vital details encoded throughout numerous prophecies, but especially those of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation. Predictions of associated dates and deeds are redundantly recorded in numerous places. Now everyone can finally understand why a growing number of religious and political leaders are in a state of abject panic because the assertions of their religions have finally been exposed as blatant lies. The long-awaited "Messiah" is here, but the leaders who have long profited from lies about ancient symbolic texts, are going to great lengths to distract people from this fact.

It is thereby very curious that Apple Computer chose to release OSX Lion just in time for Leo 2011. OSX Lion is also version 10.7x and this number matches Revelation verse 10.7 and Nostradamus' quatrain 10.72, and 10.75, all of which refer directly to Leo, the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, and to the beginning of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Was this a purposeful homage to a long term Mac programmer, who has also solved the ancient mysteries?

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. Links to read, download, and purchase the e-book are available at

Science and ancient wisdom have finally come together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and decisively prove the truth about all religions. You may now prove it to yourself at

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Leaders' Misdeeds Cause Future Disasters For Their Nations

PRESS RELEASE - June 1, 2011
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Ancient wisdom and the supporting science demonstrate that a nation's misdeeds, as directed by its leaders, creates "collective karma" that results in negative future outcomes such as the recent disasters experienced by the USA and others.

Throughout the history of humanity, one pattern that is repeated without interruption is the continuous rise and fall of nations and empires, small and large. All empires eventually fail and they all fall dramatically. Most often, a conquering force simply arises and those that have profited through conquest then become the conquered, playing out a simple karmic equation. Sometimes though, empires arise that have no military equal. Nonetheless, they always invariably suffer dramatic societal upheavals, or geological, meteorological, and/or pathogenic disasters that result in the end of the empire in the absence of a human-caused solution.

By these statistics, it should be clear that building empires always leads to horrendous bad luck. As documented throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, and related articles and releases, advanced symbology was used by the ancients to encode profound spiritual wisdom and equally advanced and profound science. A vital focus of ancient wisdom and the related science was proof of our cyclic reality and how both personal and collective deeds affect future outcomes and the nature of our existence. In essence, the ancients sent us proof that karma exists, along with the rules and supporting science, so we could grow wiser and avoid the destruction of this cycle of advanced human civilization.

As the USA suffers through yet another spate of bad luck in the form of record weather disasters, prior to the start of a potentially dangerous hurricane season, it should be obvious that the bad luck that always visits empires has set its sights on the USA. One need only to understand the Doctrine of Two Spirits to understand that greed, deception, injustice, conquest, and war, which are common to all empires, leads to horrendous bad karma. When we see the USA embroiled in multiple wars that have caused widespread destruction, death, and harm, it should be no surprise that our cities and citizens are now repeatedly suffering the karmic consequences of this nations great misdeeds.

Supporting leaders and nations that cause harm always results in negative future consequences. Thereby, those who think that war, conquest, and empire building protects and profits any nation, have completely failed to grasp that the inevitable horrendous consequences are never worth the apparent short term gains.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

Science and ancient wisdom have finally come together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and decisively prove the truth about all religions. You may now prove it to yourself at

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ancient Wisdom Symbology Encodes Why Humanity Suffers Repeated Calamities

PRESS RELEASE - April 27, 2011
See the list of recent press releases.

Starting over 11 millennia ago, a long line of sages and prophets sent forth symbolically encoded science and wisdom about our existence that has long been purposely confounded and misrepresented by religious leaders and other spiritual charlatans.

The advanced symbology used by the ancient sages and prophets is seen throughout the works of ancient Egypt and the symbolism within the canons of all Three Faiths of Abraham. As documented throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, it is also an advanced scientific and spiritual modeling system. This functionality was used to send redundant proof to our time that they were experts at things our scientists and seekers are still struggling to understand. One is how collective human ignorance and the resulting widespread misdeeds cause calamity to strike entire civilizations. This is one reason why all empires eventually suffer great disasters and upheavals that ultimately lead to their demise.

As we observe the pace of both natural and man-made disasters increasing dramatically in recent years, many are struggling to assign cause and meaning to this undeniable pattern of bad luck. Followers of all three Faiths of Abraham have been led to expect cataclysmic situations followed by various miraculous events that would save them, as all others suffered. Instead, many religious followers are experiencing more bad luck than others seem to be. A case in point is the recent spate of devastating storm systems sweeping through the USA's so-called "Bible Belt" and adjacent states. Sadly, those who have followed the lead of religious leaders have been completely misled about the nature of life in this universe and are now suffering the results of misdeeds and imposed ignorance.

Since the destruction of the previous cycle of advanced human civilization during the cataclysmic rapid ending of the last ice age, humanity has struggled greatly to understand the nature of life in this universe. That effort has been confounded, slowed, and sidetracked because of religion. Many of the symbolic assertions and wisdom from that far earlier period are still mostly misunderstood and misused because too many still can't discern the difference between symbolism, symbology, and literal assertions. The prime reason for that ignorance is religion and the activities of religious leaders. One of the primary features of these religions is to claim that symbolic assertions in the canons are actually miracles and supernatural evidence.

These religions have gone to great lengths asserting that "God," or gods, angels, demons and other supernatural entities are the source of human suffering, struggle, and calamity. All of these religious canons also focus on the importance of doing good and avoiding evil. Though this is the basic message at the core of the wisdom sent forth by the sages and prophets, the texts in religious canons are not original nor have they been reliably translated or interpreted. The ancients knew that religious leaders would confound wisdom, because of their ignorance and arrogance. For this reason, the symbolism of the original texts purposely encoded proof of the truth for those of their far future, by hiding it from deceptive and untrustworthy religious leaders and other spiritual charlatans. The final keys to unlocking long-hidden ancient wisdom and proof of certain historical realities would not be available until now, when the supporting science was available.

Some of the more important aspects of the wisdom sent forth by the prophets and sages clearly demonstrates that the ignorance imposed by religion directly causes collective bad luck, leading to large scale disasters. Unlike the assertions of religious leaders, ancient wisdom makes it abundantly clear that misdeeds cause bad luck, which then leads to future negative outcomes. As we look around our world, beset by repeated disasters, ignorance, and continuous human misdeeds, it becomes obvious that the ancients clearly knew things that most people have misunderstood and/or dismissed outright. In essence, the wisdom encoded by ancient symbology says that karma exists and is the cause of these repeated disasters. Furthermore, knowing that most would dismiss this information, they also sent scientific proof for the time when people could understand it and pay attention before it was too late for our civilization, as well.

Karma (kamma, ka-maat) is a concept that flows from a deeply ancient past. Like everything else associated with spiritual realities, it has been greatly embellished and confounded over the centuries. It was expressed in Egypt by the symbolism of Maat (truth and justice) weighing (judging) your heart (desires, inclinations) against a feather on a dual scale to ascertain the essence of your ka (spirit). Their word for spirit was ka, which meant one’s accumulated moral essence, as determined by the reckoning between your positive and negative deeds and results. Thereby, the concept of ka- maat (a.k.a. karma) symbolically illustrates the “judging” of your desires (heart) and character (ka, spirit, moral essence), using truth and justice as the unequivocal guidelines to determine (judge, weigh) future rewards and/or consequences. Reconsider the phrase “truth or consequences” to see that it flows directly from ancient Egypt’s symbolized philosophy associated with Maat.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

Science and ancient wisdom have finally come together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and decisively prove the truth about all religions. You may now prove it to yourself at

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ancient Pre-Egyptian Sage-Scientists Foresaw Our Current Predicament

PRESS RELEASE - April 11, 2011
See the list of recent press releases.

Eleven thousand years ago, at the end of the last ice age, the ancient sage-scientists of a doomed advanced civilization undertook a long-term plan to deliver the wisdom required to prevent the complete destruction of our cycle of civilization.

As documented throughout Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, ancient symbology was used to encode advanced science and profound spiritual wisdom designed to be revealed at a very specific time, far in their futures. As seen throughout the Bible, related religious canons and narratives, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the stunning works of ancient Egypt, symbols, symbolism, and symbology were an advanced philosophical technology that also served as an equally advanced encryption method.

As described in earlier articles and releases, the ancient sages and prophets used ancient symbology to encode vital details to hide them from religious leaders throughout the previous several millennia. This was done to guarantee that the truth about our existence and pivotal historical details would not remain forever buried beneath the lies and ignorance of religions and their leaders.

Humanity is now at a crux and teetering on the edge of an abyss. Failing to understand the true nature of our currently unfolding dire predicament, its hidden causes, and how to prevent the complete collapse of our civilization, would lead to a great disaster for humanity, followed by millennia of chaos and great struggles. This is precisely what occurred to the last cycle of advanced civilization, 11,000 years ago. It has taken us eleven millennia to match only some of their knowledge and accomplishments.

As related in various tales, most of the people of the last cycle of advanced civilization also grew greedy, arrogant, and complacent and ignored the warnings of their sages and scientists. Just like modern-day humanity, they arrogantly and greedily changed the environment, which eventually melted the ice caps and resulted in the rapid end of the last ice age. The echoes of their destruction are still heard in stories like "Atlantis" and the earlier Zep Tepi narratives of the ancient Egyptians. This is the true source of the Biblical tale of Noah, the great flood, and similar stories from Babylon and elsewhere.

Ancient sage-scientists built the Great Pyramid Complex and the Great Sphinx to serve as massive symbolically-encoded messages for a far future generation, hence to our failing civilization. Successive future sages followed the same ancient plans when building other monuments and authoring symbolic wisdom narratives and prophecies. These ancient pre-Egyptian sage-scientists were the precursors of later Egyptian, Nubian, Hebrew, Essene, Gnostic, Druid, and other related wisdom groups. The symbology used by them was later also used by the Hebrew prophets and sages to construct the symbolic narratives later modified and incorporated throughout the canons of all three faiths of Abraham. The symbology and key details of the prophecies incorporated into religious canons can be traced directly to this ancient group of pre-Egyptian sage-scientists.

The ancient sages and prophets undertook a massive 11,000 year-long project to deliver the wisdom necessary for us to avoid the horrible fate of their doomed civilization. Though it is far too easy to get lost in the great amount of detail, symbols, religious canons, prophecies, and other related knowledge, it is important to understand that wisdom comes through grasping the simple truths that describe, define, and quantify all of the details of the complex whole. In other words, wisdom is a definitive microcosm that gives one the ability to understand and better control the greatly expanded and complex macrocosm.

All of the great efforts of the ancient sages and prophets, throughout the past 11 millennia, have been designed to deliver a long-promised simple gem of ancient wisdom called the Doctrine of Two Spirits. It has been given numerous ancient names like [Amen]Moses' "two tables of stone," Thoth's emerald tablet(s), Jacob's Ladder, Wisdom's Seven Pillars, the Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail, the Grail Stone, etc. This ancient treasure of wisdom is now available to humanity when most needed by us, as we teeter on the brink of a disastrous collapse of global civilization.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online at Google Books. Other links to read and download the e-book are also available at

Science and ancient wisdom have finally come together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and decisively prove the truth about all religions. You may now prove it to yourself at

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Beware, great quaking and waves

Updated 3/16/2011
The world is now riveted by today's 8.9 (now upgraded to 9.0) earthquake in Japan and the still unfolding disaster.

What if you had proof that these events were known ahead of time and both the Bush and Obama administrations conspired to prevent you from understanding what I have been warning about in recent years? It is encoded using ancient symbology as part of the solution to ending what is now underway.

The whole purpose of the Obama administration is to continue the efforts started in the Bush administration, which is why his justice department still protects them and they have continued the so-called War on Terror, while pretending to take steps to end it. Here are some insights into this aspect of the problem and here is an earlier article designed to further open eyes. The time for truth and justice has arrived. - The Pivotal Import of Yellow Cake, False Flags, & "Big Time" Evil

Don't bother attacking me or making fun of me. That has been occurring of late and wit didn't stop the latest event and it won't stop the rest. Read the previous two articles and notice the date for today's earthquake in Japan (11-3-11). Notice the Christchurch earthquake date (2-22-11). Notice the publish date of the previous article (11-11). Here's the recent press release on this topic. - Prediction of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Stuns Religious and Political Leaders

Much worse is already unfolding. There is a way to stop it. Laughing and attacking me won't work, though.

Here is Wisdom !!!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sacred Pomp's wings are now stubble !!!

...before a mighty wind. Double unto them double (11:11), fearless, guileless, breathing sparks!!

HAPPY 11:11. I have prepared a special gift for the folks in the Vatican, which you can read at the "gift" link below. The truth has escaped its cage, and gone on a rampage, seeking long-overdue justice. The Terrible Judge awaits Her time, scales, feather, and doom at Her calling.

Remember, time is not limited by your perceptions. Grasp the pattern of presentation to sharpen the vision and straighten the way.

Tired of waiting for politics and politicians to defeat the war monger-profiteers and their greedy and deceptive backers? What would you do if given the pivotal wisdom required to drive a stake through the heart of these evil bloodsuckers' hidden power sources?

Use this special " gift " ...wisely... (Rosenrot...)

First, I'd like to personally thank those with the intelligence to decipher earlier signals. Eleven now speaks to you urgently; unseal the recent past that is soon to be! Beware, great quaking and waves are minutes away. Your works are central to ending the false light that sits atop the pyramid, defiling the earth through smoke and shadow.

Fear not the heat and light of the sharp two-edged sword. Embrace Her and She will shield and gird you against those who object. Stand upon clouds, grasping the light, to shine forth like stars. Turn away from the pit to walk the Perfect Path. The final hour wanes as the fiercely vibrant sunrise is nigh!

Kindreds of the earth wailed because the Easterner's seven tarried while the tearful multitude hungered for blood from the golden altar. Offer yourselves without fear to be free from the weight of past folly! Hear the song of Her seven pillars to give voice to the Loud and Jubilant Shofar!

The Lady of the Lake burns brightly !! Sate Her with chained and captive serpents, lest the burning waves swallow you in their wrath. Tarry no longer, patience and humility are already well-served !!

Here is Wisdom !!!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

August is an August Time

Hello on this Friday the 13th, August 2010. Hope you were able to enjoy the meteor showers.

Two days ago, August 11, 2010 was my 55th birthday. It was also the 11th anniversary of the Grand Cross alignment and solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, which occurrred on my 44th birthday. Now that a full solar cycle has passed, the meaning and import of the last 11 years will soon become evident. What will also become evident is the symbolic meaning of an astrological event merging the sun, the four fixed signs of the zodiac, the four elements, and a meteor shower (falling stars...).

The day before yesterday, on my birthday, I also published the first version of the print edition of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, the book that I have been writing for the last couple of years, and working towards throughout the entire last decade.

If you truly want to understand why all the ancient sources converge on this time as the focus of great change, which includes the end of certain ancient behaviors and the eventual enlightenment of humanity, then consider me a gift horse and the horse's mouth.

Find out why both Nostradamus and Revelation encode my August birthday, and its related symbolism, as a vital key to certain times and details crucial to what comes next. Humanity is at a crux and blindly teetering on the cliff's edge. We will either evolve beyond the current sad and sordid state of human affairs or it will all end horribly. Some think they will escape while letting others suffer. Sadly, that is not the way karma and the core rules and functionality of this universe work.

The symbolism of the number 13 is a pivotal piece of the puzzle to certain ancient mysteries. The USA began with 13 states, there are 13 levels to the unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal of the USA, the Vatican attempted and failed to stamp out the Templars on Friday the 13th. Then there is the ancient Egyptian parable of Isis and Osiris from which all of this symbolism about bad luck, unfinished endeavors, and great works flows. The symbolism of 13 holds the keys to the fate of the Vatican and the future of humanity.

Perhaps now is a good time for new insights to open more eyes before we reach the point of no return. Please accept my efforts in this spirit...


The following symbolic narrative was published in the back of my earlier book, Revelations from the Apocalypse in early 2006 and on my blog, It's Symbology Stupid on August 11, 2007. Now is the time for the details encoded by the symbology. To fully understand all of what it means (as well as similar ancient narratives), you'll need to read my books, Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. You can download the E-Book for Free.


Those who hear the Teacher’s flame turn sharply to the perfect path, eating simply of the ancient sages’ dual stone. Tearful pit dwellers, shaken mightily by the light, ascend from the abyss before a seventeen-star-filled wind. Their once-bottomless graves, now cast within three bitter corners, cause the deaf and blind to swallow strength from shame. Walking skyward, their works without-hand, in the midst of sun-clothed snow-clouds, rains burning hail about the heads of unclean men, women, beasts, and creatures dwelling hungrily roundabout the Earth.

Dark and weighty folly sorely pains the tri-tongued captains, writhing within vestments marked by oil, wine, and earth fouled waters. Purple dragon-riders voicing foul spirits darkly, from atop scarlet-fleshed beasts, greatly inflamed the Lady’s ire. Seeing Her reigning First and Last, serpents’ tails burn up wrathfully, striking seven times among lowly heads and hills, wielding brimstone rods and reeds afire.

As tempests rage before balances false, lead-talent-filled ships cast out blinding dust, falling darkly weighted beneath burning waves of sailors’ feet. The First and the Last ascend thunderously above the lightning crossed eastern sky. Rudely awakened, enlightened multitudes force the sacred-pomp to drink of flaming wormwood cups, filled patiently by worn out saints, crying loudly after ages-old bitter tears and shed blood.

153 drunken fish, blinded seven ways by oil, strong wine, and unclean loaves were smoothed by Simon’s 21-rock-weighted triangular net, within Babel’s bottomless pit. Redeemed from strong delusion, they turn once-fouled eyes to the air, hearing lightning thunder seven times about hidden names from time eleven. Greatly inflamed, they justly trample dark oily rivers beneath brightly burning feet, gathering upon the hidden cloudy peak of ages to quake mightily before days end in the midst of roaring stars.

Clothed by seven eyes strengthened by seven horns, newly sighted seekers walk meekly within the midst of the perfect path’s hidden throne, hair purified seven ways by flame of fire. A bearded star roars so fiercely that the city upon seven lowly hills quakes grievously, wailing tearfully about shadowy serpentine dens and rocks. Scorched alive by stellar wind, they shamefully drink about double doubled horns afire, long hidden within the golden altar’s simple ark.

Sorely shaken heads of gold fall beneath ancient corner stones arising, justly numbered by reed, plummet, and eleven stars bowing roundabout the eleventh son. The ancient Lady’s seven pillars, hewn without hand, were long over-shadowed by scorpion-tailed red dragon’s feet of clay and iron. Shining fiercely above felled serpents’ heads, they thunder to life about the burning lake’s heated path, as seven stars strike pompous cities by three. Cast heavenward, a great eagle cries upon dual wings among creatures four and house of eight within raven’s song about the end of earth-bound days.

Hearing roaring harps trumpet their names, jubilant shofars sing mightily. Sounding sharp and strong roundabout the hidden throne, they gird the many-sighted Fire-Lord, smiting the darkly writhing harlot queen, who waxed rich, overly-proud, blind to sorrow, and drawing smoke about ages of oil, wine, shed blood, and tears. Though cast sacred by the unclean dead, its seven beastly heads fall forever beneath an ancient cloud-born stone afire. Gnawing tongues greatly pained by talent-weighted hail, wine-sodden iron feet of clay flee wailing before spark-filled tempests, poured-forth unmingled from the Lady of the Lake’s long-simmering cup of bitter promises. Finally freed of great folly from serpents’ reign, Earth, Water, Air and Fire shine roundabout the living fountain stone. Its pure waters aflame feed sun-lit paths as multitudes sing guileless about emerald times, strongly quenching thirsts for simple ways before peace sounds, forever and ever.


The above prophecy was preceeded by the details in the posting titled Say Woe, Woe, Woe to Serpents wings by 13 It is the second of three similar and related symbolic narratives that I have been publishing since December 2005.

Here is Wisdom!!

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grasping Ancient Wisdom

NOTE : For a more complete and better edited version of these topics and their symbolic importance, visit my new website and download my new book - Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

Edited 8/17/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part Three

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

If you haven't already done so, read the preceding articles in this series:
Part One - Grasping the Truth about Wisdom
Part Two - Grasping Wisdom about the Truth

Since I talk about ancient wisdom and will do so much more in the upcoming months, it is important to clarify and expound some before moving on to delve more deeply into the specifics. Following is the definition from the current draft of the upcoming update to the Apocalypse Symbol Guide. This will help lay a bridge from the discussions about truth and wisdom in the earlier articles to the in-depth exploration of ancient wisdom and its associated symbology in upcoming articles and books.

Ancient Wisdom–This term is fraught with confusion because of widespread ignorance about the true meaning of wisdom. Ancient wisdom is most often associated with what some call the mysteries, which is a real problem because mystery and wisdom are opposing concepts. Though wisdom requires absolute precision and accuracy of concept, the spiritually-associated mysteries are mostly imprecise allusions and purposeful misdirection that absolutely fail this test. It is important to realize that true spiritual wisdom is timeless and applies to the workings of the universe and those who operate within it, not just to things only relevant to a particular time period or a limited body of knowledge. Far too many who delve into the so-called mysteries, “eastern” religion, associated mysticism and esoterica, and/or the three faiths of Abraham are clueless about the history of the poorly sourced, badly translated, and deception riddled derivative materials and concepts they rely upon.

Much of what is called ancient wisdom is actually misinterpreted ancient symbology that was designed to model, encode, and encapsulate pivotal spiritual and cosmological wisdom and related philosophy. Many also misuse the term to describe ancient medical or herbal knowledge, further muddying the lines between situational knowledge, good judgment, and wisdom. The term ancient wisdom is itself somewhat of a misnomer, since true spiritual wisdom, being timeless and immutable, is not subject to the changing interpretations imposed by religion, mysticism, tradition, or the styles of a particular period.

With that said, the term ancient wisdom most accurately refers to the symbolized wisdom flowing from ancient Egypt-Nubia and their forbears during the earlier times they called Zep Tepi. Unlike the more literal approach to spiritual philosophy and cosmology taken by later civilizations and especially western religion and esoterica, the Egyptians and Nubians framed and represented their wisdom both dualistically and symbolically to better match pivotal insights into the verifiable nature of our reality. Furthermore, they used verifiable natural objects, concepts, and observable realities to model the hidden aspects of existence and related spiritual philosophy. They didn’t practice religion (or magic…) as most now understand it. Western interpretations of their spiritual concepts, practices, and philosophies are mostly misguided, dead-wrong, and fail to fully appreciate the great antiquity of the concepts that the Egyptians themselves viewed as ancient wisdom.

Sadly, much of this situation flows from purposeful efforts to confound the truth about the sources and meaning of information that would disprove many religious, mystery school, and secret society assertions. Though all of the empires of the past sought to guard certain information from their enemies and subjects, the efforts of the Roman Empire are by far the most egregious. The raiding and destruction of knowledge caches like the library at Alexandria, Jerusalem, Qumran, and others by pre-Christian Rome are prime examples. But the worst and longest-running efforts to stamp-out and confound the wisdom flowing from ancient Egypt-Nubia and elsewhere have been carried out by Christian Rome, the Vatican, and their proxies. The hiding of vast caches of ancient documents beneath the Vatican as they hypocritically talk about faith and reason while secretly managing and manipulating secret societies and mystery schools is duplicity and deception on a grand scale. Because of such efforts throughout the preceding centuries and into the present, a significant level of compounded error now plagues those who seek to understand through religion, mysticism, the New Age, associated concepts and related error-filled knowledge bases.

One of the important aspects of Egyptian-Nubian cosmology was the purposeful merger of physical science, cosmology, and spiritual-moral philosophy. They correctly understood that the universe was composed of a conceptual-spiritual aspect that underlies and directly influences both the structure and outcomes in space-time. They also recognized this is inseparable from the dualism inherent within spiritual-moral realities, which are likewise inseparable from resulting physical existence and outcomes, which emanate from and affect the spiritual-conceptual-moral underpinnings, ad infinitum. This is clearly modeled by the eternity-infinity symbol or lemniscate (the number 8 on its side), which also happens to be the actual number of the dimension of time and the first dimension of space-time.

The four dimensions of space-time are dimensions 8 through 11. They are preceded and defined by dimensions 1 through 7. String theory has shown that there are eleven dimensions to our reality. Hence, there are seven hidden dimensions that precede and define the four dimensions of space-time (7+4=11). That is why the numbers four and seven are so prominent throughout so many ancient symbolic sources. Those seven hidden dimensions are the spiritual-conceptual underpinnings of the four expanded and expansive dimensions of space-time. Discussions of seven heavens, spheres, spirits, and many other seven-symbol groups are purposely modeling or alluding to this hidden yet often referenced segment of our universe. Egyptian assertions of receiving certain wisdom and cosmology from a highly advanced earlier period of civilization are strongly validated by the highly advanced and sophisticated nature of pivotal components of their symbolized wisdom.

Parallel observations are detailed within Bohm’s theories and discussions about the implicate and explicate orders and other observations flowing from quantum physics. Bohm does not attach a direct dimension count because those details came after his work. The functionality modeled and detailed by his theories perfectly matches the allusions of many ancient sources, as well as the details of string theory. Bohm’s efforts to understand the synchronicity of quantum physics with eastern mysticism are well known and widely published. The merger of these different sources with the verifiable truth about ancient wisdom symbology helps to clarify much that has been held as mysterious for millennia.

The subject of eastern mysticism and philosophy is pivotal to this discussion. There are two related references to the “east” associated with the topics of ancient wisdom and “the mysteries.” The first, which is more closely related to the topic of the so-called mysteries, are the symbolic references to the east and ascending from the east in Egyptian-Nubian-Hebrew related narratives. This specifically refers to the location and action of the rising Sun, and what it symbolizes. The sun represents our primary source of light and heat, which symbolize truth and justice. The rising or ascending sun represents the triumph of light (truth) and justice (heat) over the dark (absence of the truth) and cold (absence of justice). Likewise, the Sphinx is purposely focused on the direction and point on the horizon of the rising sun during the spring equinox for its symbolic meanings. Accordingly, Maat, Amen, and other Egyptian-Nubian “gods” and pharaohs were unequivocally said to support Truth and Justice and that is the reason for the synchronous symbolism of the winged-sun and Maat. People who claim to be experts in Egyptian and Hebrew religious themes and their meaning and then focus only on astrology or sun worship without exploring the symbolism of truth and justice are either clueless or lying.

The other meaning of the east is the Asian Far East, hence India, China, etc. The eastern philosophies were much less religious and much more focused on karma, reincarnation, the soul, the importance of certain wisdom, and spiritual esoterica and enlightenment. Thereby, the east has always alluded to wisdom about the soul, enlightenment, and other spiritual topics. An interesting thing to note about the mysticism of the east is the existence of various terms and concepts that were first presented in symbolic form in ancient Egypt-Nubia, and according to them, during the time of Zep Tepi. A prime example is the term Karma, which was also referred to as Ka-Maat. Ka meant one's spiritual nature based upon accumulated deeds during your lifetime. This is the true ancient meaning of the term spirit, hence one’s moral essence and character. Maat symbolized the principles of Truth and Justice as the basis for universal balance and order. Notice the perfect linguistic match, as well as the perfect conceptual match between ka-maat and karma? She (of the feminine nature...) also symbolically personified truth, justice, compassion, etc. You know, just like the much later personified symbolism of Sophia (Wisdom), Kuan Yin (Compassion), and the women of Hebrew mysticism recast and hidden under the name Mary by Christianity.

Both Karma and Ka-Maat mean spiritual truth and justice as the basis for universal balance and order. The fact that this term came from ancient Egypt which was merely one part of a far more precise and developed symbolized spiritual technology shows that it originated in Africa, not in India. Also, the categorization of certain characteristics as masculine and feminine was quintessentially Egyptian, long before the later Sophia, Kuan Yin, and others.

Similarly, eastern mystics regularly had mountaintop retreats, yet mountains, pyramids, and their peaks were used to symbolize knowledge and wisdom much earlier in Egypt and in the earliest Hebrew materials. The story of [Amen]Moses ascending a great mountain and gaining wisdom atop its peak symbolizes his gaining mastery over a great body of knowledge (mountain) and acquiring (grasping) its wisdom (peak, pinnacle, highest point), hence the symbolism of acsension. Consequently, these examples clearly demonstrate that some eastern mysticism undeniably flows from the failure to understand earlier Egyptian-Nubian symbolism and philosophical concepts, just like Western esoterica. Those in the East had a better grasp of the subject matter though and were not bedeviled by as much spiritual deception as those in the West. This is the reason why similar concepts have long been called mysteries. Those from outside of Egypt and Nubia failed to grasp the meaning of Medu Netcher (hieroglyphics) and associated symbolized wisdom and were clearly operating from misconceptions based partly on oral transmission.

Most of the Egyptian-Nubian gods were initially created as symbolized and personified universal principles that were purposefully dualistic in nature. They had masculine and feminine aspects inherent in their symbolism and/or had mates that balanced the details of their symbolized gender and aspects. These were meant as philosophical symbolism of certain characterizations (natures, spirits), not literal gender. This misconception plagues religion and the mysteries still. To understand this, the upper half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits enumerates the feminine aspect and the bottom half is the masculine. Other philosophical concepts were also organized accordingly. As prime examples are details associated with Amen and Amenet, Maat and Thoth, and Nut and Geb. The feminine and masculine structure of the Doctrine of Two spirits is clearly illustrated by the symbolism of Nut and Geb. They all perfectly match-up to the structure modeled by the Doctrine of Two Spirits overlaid by the cross-ankh. Understanding of this symbolized wisdom drifted into more and more error over time due to religious and political influences. It was finally lost due to outside invaders who arrogantly imposed their religious ignorance. Even so, Egyptian philosophy remained much closer to the root concepts than the later derivative religions that failed to understand and purposely recast and confounded pivotal symbolized wisdom.

The Doctrine of Two Spirits also purposely parallels and models the actual structure of this universe. The Seven Spirits of God/Good models certain wisdom about the seven dimensions that underlie and define space-time, while the seven spirits of evil (error) model certain realities associated with space-time. The cross and ankh are both models of the four elements, which purposely model underlying wisdom about the true sources and nature of the four dimensions of space-time. The dualism modeled by the Doctrine of Two Spirits and its direct relationship and inter-functionality with the four elements are the prime examples of the symbolized wisdom that was confounded to hide the truth about religion, the mysteries, and the symbology used to encode pivotal spiritual wisdom. The fact that four plus seven equals eleven and that this matches and models the verifiable dimensional structure of our "universe" should be proof enough of many things.

In the purposeful model formed by Doctrine of Two Spirits, overlaid by the cross-ankh (a.k.a. four elements), truth and wisdom are shown residing outside of space-time, hence within the seven dimensions, which precede time. Also, when the Doctrine of Two Spirits is overlaid by both the cross & ankh it positions truth and wisdom at the very top of the "head" of the ankh and at the top of the upper arm of the cross. Since both represent air, which symbolizes thought and the collective consciousness, this clearly positions truth and wisdom as the highest of spiritual concepts. They are purposely modeled in this way to impart the insight that they are timeless and non-physical in nature, as well as being senior to space-time realities and perceptions. The merger of properly decoded ancient wisdom with the frontiers of modern science provides the keys to ending the lies of religion and the errors of mysticism by proving the truth about all the related mysteries. See also: Wisdom, Eastern Wisdom, East, Ascending from the East, Pyramid, Sphinx, Lord of Wisdom, Symbology, Ancient Wisdom Symbology, Medu Netcher, Judgment, Doctrine of Two Spirits, Ancient of Days, Words of God, Zep Tepi, Karma, Ka, Maat, Amen

Part Four - Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology
Part Five - Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom

Here is Wisdom...

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grasping Wisdom about the Truth

Edited 8/17/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part Two

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

This is part two in this series. If you haven't already done so, read part one first, which is titled; "Grasping the Truth about Wisdom".

Truth and wisdom are best understood, described as, and characterized by precision of thought and concept. Thereby, accuracy and preciseness are their unwavering and immutable hallmarks. As described in the first article in this series, opinions of any sort are the antithesis of wisdom, since they are not the truth. Anytime anyone says something like, it is true for me, or it is truth as I/we see it, the sirens and red flags must go up. Truth must be common to and valid for all viewpoints, otherwise it is merely perception, opinion, feelings, or certain limited knowledge masquerading as the truth. Truth is the bedrock and foundation of existence from which all other things arise. Truth must exist before there can be wisdom. Though wisdom is the true power in this universe, truth is its underlying source and unequivocal prerequisite. Before there can be falsehoods, there must be truth to be false about.

Truth and intelligence are both referred to as straightness and sharpness and this harks back to the requirement of discernment. When considering the symbolism of the sharp two-edged sword, which refers to truth and justice, discernment and wisdom can be seen as sharpening tools (stones) to remove the impreciseness or dullness of mind and concept that hinders reaching the razor's edge of the truth.

With this understanding, it is clear to see that the efforts of Rome and the Vatican, currently and over the preceding centuries, are deeply damaging and purposely detrimental to the intellectual well-being of billions. Putting religion (and money and politics) between you, the seeker hungry for truth and wisdom, and the preciseness and straightness required to actually reach and acquire them, has caused great evil in this world. It is also without doubt that it has always been a purposeful effort, now and throughout history. Imposing ignorance and destroying the ability of people to actually discern how to be wise, truthful, and personally responsible, without religion, money, and politics has been very profitable for some. Anyone who doubts this must explain why Rome still has such large caches of knowledge which they hide from everyone else, as they preach about faith and the evils of money. Such hypocrisy and duplicity are not the actions of those with a love for the truth.

The myriad contradictions and outright deceptions of these concepts (money, religion, and politics) and associated institutions purposely hamper forward progress because they destroy the ability to think accurately and precisely. Those who think poorly perform poorly. Those who think in crooked lines, perform accordingly. Forcing the dominance of imprecise concepts through force of arms, force of numbers, and the force of deception is an obvious fallacy and a great evil, as the currently unfolding global debacles clearly prove, once again. It is beyond obvious that this is a long-term and purposeful effort to keep people stupid enough to exploit the human herd. Thereby, the best solution to this world's problems are the establishment of unequivocal truth, wisdom, and the ability to finally understand what they are and why they are so vitally important. Then we can collectively and cooperatively establish a sane and just civilization not hampered by the impreciseness of imposed ignorance and deception.

A prime illustration of the importance of truth are certain specific long-term efforts to prevent people from grasping what it is. For example, let's explore the truth about the dualistic symbolism of light and dark, which I discuss throughout current articles and will expound on further in the upcoming articles and books. Simply, light symbolizes the truth and dark symbolizes the absence of the truth. Similarly, to "see" symbolizes to "understand" and blindness symbolizes ignorance, hence the inability to understand something. The association of these two groups of symbols becomes obvious when put together and related in this manner. Thereby, to "see” the “light" symbolizes to [understand] the [truth]. Similarly, when one is blind to something, it means to not understand or recognize the truth of it. Closing one's eyes to something means the exact same thing, while implying self-imposed ignorance. Yet, as simple and straightforward as these are, the powers emanating from Rome have long undertaken great efforts, throughout the previous centuries and to this very day, to confound such simple understandings of symbolized wisdom and the ancient symbols used to model and encode it. This is because they prove that many of the assertions in the New Testament (and elsewhere) are blatant deceptions, purposeful obfuscation, and verifiable misdirection.

Merging the visual symbolism of light and that of straight lines between two points also illustrates the precise nature of this symbology, as opposed to the many nebulous obfuscations and misdirections. Light travels in straight lines until interrupted and/or deflected, but its inertia is still straight. Even diffusion within the atmosphere (air, hence thought and consciousness) is ruled by straight line deflections. Similarly, when one stands atop a mountain, and looks upward towards a star, it forms a straight line of sight. The light from the star (a source point of enlightenment) also comes into your eyes in perfectly straight lines. This science, when used as the basis for symbology, purposely and precisely models the processes of gaining understanding, insight, truth, and wisdom. As I have pointed out in various places, the symbology evidenced in these ancient sources, texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. It also proves that the original concepts were a merger of science and philosophy, instead of religion and mysticism.

Many have been oppressed, tortured, maimed, and killed to hide these simple truths from the masses. Why you might ask? Just ask those who have duped billions into thinking that "opening the eyes of the blind" was a miracle by someone called Jesus, which no one can truthfully historically verify. When you understand the truth, you can clearly "see" that it originally, merely, and always meant teaching people to understand truths long-hidden from them. Hence, the blind (deceived, deluded, and thereby made ignorant) would then finally understand the truth by grasping certain wisdom. Yet, the imposed and pervasive impreciseness of the use of "the light" to characterize Jesus, as well its use by the current New Age movement, Freemasonry, and other forms of mysticism, is the exact opposite of what it actually means. Consequently, the Vatican and cohorts have used the symbols light, spirit, stars, sun, and so forth to impose darkness. The nebulous association of wisdom symbols with undefined concepts and/or their literal interpretation within narratives that are undeniably symbolic is the opposite of truth or wisdom.

Since wisdom requires precision of concept, it follows that wisdom symbols must themselves require precision of meaning. Thereby, those who purposely confound ancient wisdom by recasting the symbols that were used for millennia to model and encode it, know full well that they are purposefully and blatantly hiding both truth and wisdom. So, as already quoted:

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

In other words, faith as a philosophical assertion is a primary source of blindness because it is a purposeful deception. It is also important to understand that the original materials that were later recast to seem to have been calling for "faith", were actually referring to faithfulness. They are not the same things. The reasons any dictionary confuses them now is because of the efforts of Christian Rome and Christians. Faithfulness means integrity, dependability, truthfulness, preciseness, validity, etc. Hence a faithful servant is one that can be counted on to follow through and be honest, truthful, authentic, and wise in the process. Christian Rome has clearly duped billions to avoid being faithful by imposing a great deception upon the world under the heading of "faith".

Is this clear enough yet?

Our world is descending towards unimaginable chaos and some still continue to profit from imposing ignorance on others, knowing full well that they are doing so, for profit. Some of them are so deluded that they may not grasp the full extent of the damage they cause. On the other hand, those near the top of these institutions most certainly do and continue imposing blatant fallacies and facades, nonetheless. The key to ending the plight of so many in this world is the removal of imposed ignorance, so the blind can finally "see the light" and take personal responsibility to understand and apply the wisdom necessary to end ages-old problems and starkly negative results. Our world will never improve without the understanding of the importance of truth, wisdom, self-sacrifice, etc.

Reason without morality in a spiritually-based universe consistently results in illogic, error, and falsehood, none of which are the truth. This is one reason why true wisdom is so vital to validating and understanding the truth(s) about life in a dualistic universe. This is also why it is so important to understand the truth about the structure and nature of this reality, which consists of 11 dimensions that are split between seven spiritual-conceptual dimensions that underlie and give rise to the perceptions and outcomes within the four dimensions of space-time. Though dually structured, the interplay between them affects the quality and nature of life and realities that we all experience. The more the negative aspects rule, the more negative are the outcomes. The more the positive rules, the more positive life becomes. Pay close attention to the Doctrine of Two Spirits again.

The following is the current definition of Truth from my upcoming book updates. Strive to understand so you can help others open their eyes, so they can thereby help others, as well.

Truth–This is the Creator's (and thereby all soul’s) foundational inspiration, thoughts, and knowledge. It is thereby the fountain of all that actually is. It is the actuality from which existence emanates before it is altered by perceptions of any kind, hence before space-time arises. Without the truth there can be no wisdom. Justice and all other items of the Seven Spirits of Good are lessened to the extent that truth is absent. It is the first and most important step on the perfect path, and is thereby the unequivocal prerequisite requirement for perfection, wisdom, justice, etc. It is the primary and unwavering expression of what is.

The straight answer symbolizes the unwavering truth, hence a perfect straight line between two points; between the question[er] and answer[er], the seeker and the sought, and so on. Intelligence is often referred to as sharpness. Truth and wisdom both require precision of thought and concept and are thereby characterized by and acquired through preciseness and accuracy of thought and deeds, hence the symbolism of the sharp two-edged sword.

"One" symbolizes the Creator while "two" refers to the dualism of this universe, hence the simplest characterization of a "creation." Two thereby also symbolizes the Truth. This is a bipolar or dualistic universe built upon the interplay between paired extremes or opposite poles/points. The simplest structure in this universe is dual, because to go from nothing to something requires two states. For there to be something, there first had to be nothing, and if there is only nothing, then there can’t be a universe. So in the context of this model, the number one is the dual opposite of zero, hence the binary system, which is an apt model of the foundations of the universe arising from nothing to something. Just as in a computer system, complex interactions and the things they give rise to can be traced back to the simplest binary logic, which underlies them all. When viewing the complexities of the resulting manifestations, this is not always easily recognized, but it is ultimately verifiable.

When understanding the nature of the dualism of truth and lies we can look at the underlying structure, hence uncover the wisdom. Gaining knowledge and understanding through discernment is the process of learning, which is the process of posing (visualizing) a question (point of view) and locating the correct answer (the sought point). For every correct question, there is a perfect answer. Therefore, Point A is the question and Point B is the correct answer. The shortest path between them is a straight, unwavering (unequivocal, narrow) line (straight answer) or perfect path. Thereby, you can visualize the truth as a perfect straight line between two points – viewer (A) and truth (B), or a straight question and a straight answer. This is the underlying source of the straight and narrow symbolism.

Referring back to the symbolism of wisdom as the peak of mountains and pyramids and stars as points of light (truth, enlightenment), notice that when you stand upon a mountaintop (for a clearer view of the stars), the line of sight between the viewer (atop the mountain/pyramid) and a star is a perfect straight line. Also, the air (thought) atop the mountain (knowledge and wisdom) is clearer, with less distortion, so one’s sight (understanding, insight) is improved. The inverse also redundantly reinforces this model. Light travels in straight lines, and the focused point of light (truth) of a star (point of enlightenment) represents a perfect straight line. This illustrates that wisdom improves the ability to understand the truth by reducing things that would obscure it. Also, since you are closer to the sun and stars (light) atop the highest peaks, the greatest wisdom brings you closer to perceiving and grasping the ultimate truth(s) by improving [in]sight.

To more reliably discern the truth, you must also understand the nature of the lie, so you can tell them apart. The simplest model poses a single alternate to the truth, as modeled as a straight line between two points, A and B. The single alternate would then add a third point, C. The line drawn that includes all three points forms a triangle, which is also the simplest form of an endless loop, hence a source of spin, misdirection, crookedness, and so on. Pay close attention to the conceptual structure of the Strong Lie, the world’s economic and financial systems, religion, and politics. Also, money, religion, and politics are each modeled as triangles and together they form a triple (9 points) triangle (triquetra), which is also symbolized as the bottomless pit.

Notice how so many of the “New World Order” (3 words…) organizations, secret societies, and religions are marked by the number 3 or use a triangle as their symbol? This is why “three” marks the Vatican and its cohorts symbolically (in The Apocalypse and elsewhere) and in reality. A mystery can therefore be understood as truth that has been obscured by one or more alternate answers. Notice how so-called mystery schools and secret societies use the numbers 3, 6, and 9, triangles, and pyramids in their symbolism and doctrine? This wisdom is also the key to understanding the true nature of so-called spin-doctors.

To end any mystery or lie, you must eliminate the false (alternate) answer(s) and straighten the path to reach or uncover perfection, which is the truth. It is not subject to interpretation/equivocation once found; it simply is correct or it is not. Truth is immutable and unwavering. If the datum doesn’t deliver a solid and unwavering understanding, that is not a contradiction, a feeling, or mere opinion, then you haven’t understood the truth yet. Allusions likewise are not the truth, so religion and mysticism, (mysteries), simply can’t qualify, no matter how much some may assert so. After millennia of deception and blatant evil, religion still is unable to hide the truth that it is not the truth.

Equivocation is the art of the lie, which is why it is used to pursue religion, money, politics, and cause mystery. Any time you seek to gain profit at the expense of the truth, you are walking the path of greed, falsehood and injustice, which is the false and imperfect path (crooked, error, folly). You are thus creating an endless loop for yourself and for all others that your falsehoods influence. The way out of an endless loop (bottomless pit) is to dispense with the obfuscating points, find the truth, and straighten the loop into a straight line, a.k.a. perfect path. That is the simple key to ending spin and the resulting downward spirals it causes.

The same underlying concepts can be used to improve intelligence, insight, etc. A person’s or group’s ability to solve problems in life will be proportional to the amounts of truth and falsehood in their mind(s) and knowledge bases. Likewise, a person, group, or other knowledge base is capable of or hampered from wisdom (accuracy) by the proportions of truth and falsehood they possess and process. It’s the exact same thing modeled by the computer analogy of garbage in and garbage out.

Since thought flows, and the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, those who can more reliably think in straight lines (streams, etc.) and are hindered the least by alternates to the truth (causes of inaccurate thought, crooked paths, and endless loops), will have the greatest precision of mind and concepts. Thereby, they will be the sharpest, straightest, and the clearest thinkers. For this reason, those hampered by religion, mysticism, falsehoods, and other conceptual imprecision, instead of possessing (and processing) accurate and precise truth and wisdom, are symbolized as being duller of mind. This relates directly to the sharp two-edged sword symbolism, since truth and justice are closely interdependent. See also: Two, Sharp, Sharp Two-Edged Sword, Straight, Narrow, Hall of Two Truths, Maat, Just, Righteousness, Fountain, Light, Dark, Three, Third Part, Strong Lie, Mystery, Mystery Babylon, Perfect Path, Belial, Money, Religion, Politics, Pit, Bottomless Pit, Dull, Triquetra

Part Three - Grasping Ancient Wisdom
Part Four - Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology
Part Five - Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom

Here is Wisdom...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grasping the Truth about Wisdom

Edited 8/17/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part One

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

Part Two - Grasping Wisdom about the Truth
Part Three - Grasping Ancient Wisdom
Part Four - Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology
Part Five - Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom

This treatise and related articles are designed to cut through the long-term obfuscation and misdirection about the nature and reality of true wisdom. Much smoke and many mirrors have been erected over the centuries to keep the "unwashed masses" from ever understanding the truth about wisdom. Consequently, a short definition simply won't suffice to uncover the deeply buried truth about this topic. Be a little patient and I'll lead you through the smoke and mirrors to arrive at a solid understanding of wisdom and how to recognize, verify, and gain the necessary insights to effectively apply it. This is a starting point, not an end in itself. There is more to come after this which will require these fundamental insights to gain maximum benefit.

Look around at this world to see the overwhelmingly negative effects of a civilization founded on purposeful deception and the ignorance and delusions that have been imposed on everyone, as the direct results. People who are fed various forms of propaganda, half-truths, and outright deceptions will never free themselves of those chains without finally gaining the wisdom to cut through the great mind-numbing morass. Humanity now sits at the edge of a cliff that we most certainly don't want to blindly plunge over. We now face the real potential of unmatched debacle and calamity as the direct result of the greed and deception of our so-called leaders (monetary, religious, and political) who consistently treat humanity as livestock to be milked and led to the marketplace and slaughterhouse.

The only things that will save humanity this time are true wisdom and widespread cooperation to spread and implement it. We can either blindly expect the behaviors, institutions, and leaders that caused these great problems to somehow magically get it right, after centuries of doing otherwise, or we can open our eyes, seek the truth, and finally grow wiser from the experiences of the past and their present negative results. Before this can happen though, people who have been kept from understanding pivotal wisdom must first be educated about what it actually is. Those trapped in the darkness and purposely blinded must be led to the light, hence helped to see the truth.

We've all heard the assertion that "knowledge is power," but that is purposeful obfuscation. Knowledge is simply the difficult path to wisdom, which is the true source of power in this universe. Wisdom has always been the rarest, most valuable, and most closely guarded class of knowledge. Many talk about it, but most don't have a clue what it really means. This situation is further demonstrated by the nebulous definitions found in most dictionaries regarding the key concepts required to grasp what truth and wisdom are and how to identify and make good use of them. Consequently, most completely fail to understand the differences between truth, opinion, discernment, knowledge, wisdom, good judgement, and knowing.

The dictionary definitions of knowledge and knowing are adequate, as long as one keeps in mind that many people "know" things that are not the truth. It is quite enlightening to discover how much you must dig to find good definitions of truth, wisdom, discernment and good judgement, which I have done for you. I'll discuss these and related concepts throughout this article and subsequent parts. First though, some background is necessary to accurately discern the problem before truly grasping the solution.

This sordid state of affairs is the direct result of long-term efforts by religious, political, and monetary leaders to hide so-called secret knowledge from both enemies and subjects over the centuries. Leaders of empires, especially those emanating from Rome and its client nations and proxy empires, have purposely imposed ignorance about certain topics and concepts to maintain control over citizenry. This has long been a pivotal though hidden purpose of religion, various secret societies and mystery schools, as well as myriad official and covert propaganda activities, though some may still claim otherwise. You need only look at the nature of certain knowledge to see the abysmal lack of wisdom in our world, or even the understanding of what it is and how to acquire it.

It has long been observed that the powers emanating from Rome systematically destroyed the knowledge bases of conquered lands while hoarding all they could steal and capture. Just look at the Vatican's secret libraries and storehouses and compare this to their long-term struggle against science and the truth. Western civilization's penchant for secrecy is a direct outgrowth of the Roman Empire's efforts to gather and hoard secret knowledge for themselves. Simultaneously, they purposefully imposed ignorance, in the form of religion, propaganda, and other fallacies, that served to control the citizenry, enrich leaders, and maintain empires. Just look at the history of Christianity and what Christian conquerors did to every land they subdued. Before Christianity, Rome purposely raided and destroyed the library at Alexandria, just as they did at Jerusalem and Qumran (before later creating the New Testament), and later to the Mayan libraries. Who knows what ancient knowledge caches, long thought to be lost, are still hidden in Rome.

It should also be understood that until the advent of computers and the internet, knowledge was more easily manipulated and subverted to hide, obscure, and misdirect pivotal details from most, except those in certain privileged circles. For example, the Inquisition's prime goal was (and still is...) to prevent the masses from understanding those things that would undermine the authority of both religious and political leadership. The two groups have almost always worked closely together to accomplish this. In opposition, secret societies were formed over the centuries to protect and pass along various details about ancient symbology and other details that disproved pivotal religious assertions. Eventually, most were infiltrated, subverted, and then repurposed to serve the will of the deceptive leaders they originally sought to thwart. Their reliance on money and secrecy made them greedy, arrogant and susceptible to subversion. Unfortunately, they became the effective tools of those they were meant to oppose, though this is still unknown or denied by many adherents. This has culminated in our time with many leaders of the so-called three faiths of Abraham actually belonging to the various secret societies (Freemasonry...) which they pretend to oppose. The Vatican Bank and P2 scandal in Europe decisively proved this reality. Most similar organizations are now secretly controlled (or purposely manipulated) by the Vatican and its primary cohorts. This is not evidence of those with a love for the truth! On the other hand, it is irrefutable proof of the complete folly of faith, belief, and hero-worship.

Similarly, the wisdom texts of these religions' canons are really no more than collections of useful knowledge, mostly about good judgement, that could lead to wisdom if one has the ability to refine their teachings to simpler common-denominator understandings. All of them are hampered by the great errors that flow from the concepts of religion and faith. These are not efforts to understand, but to impose dogmatic strictures for the ultimate benefit of ruling bodies, instead of the enlightenment of those they manipulate for profit and other hidden agendas. The same is true of various secret societies, mystery schools, and the so-called New Age, which are little more than religions masquerading as something else. It is very enlightening to notice the failure of both western and eastern religion and mysticism to accurately describe what truth and wisdom are. Instead, most focus on telling you that they have it and you must have faith in them (and pay them for it ) to benefit from it. Consequently, very few have the ability to discern truth and wisdom, much less apply them.

Wisdom and good judgment are closely related, but they are not the same things. One who has access to wisdom about a certain topic is more likely to show good judgment in areas where that specific wisdom is relevant, but this is not a given. It is also possible to show good judgement without possessing actual wisdom. Effectively applying wisdom is the key. Before reliably using any tool, it is important to actually understand what it is and how it works. Wisdom is by any measure a philosophical instrument, hence a conceptual tool. Thereby, those who cannot discern or define the differences between wisdom, knowledge, knowing, and good judgement cannot claim nor be expected to effectively demonstrate wisdom or to dependably discern the truth.

Another associated fallacy is the common assertion that wisdom comes with age or that people simply grow wise with the passage of time or the accumulation of experience(s). Though it is possible, it is in no way a given. Though most older people gain greater experience in some areas of life, very few become sages, much less truly wise. Some true sages are relatively young in years. On the other hand though, the clever and otherwise seemingly intelligent often do not demonstrate wisdom. Therefore, we must look to other sources to understand what wisdom is and how one acquires it.

Wisdom is best understood as a very special class of knowledge, instead of a state of being, such as knowing, being experienced, or even judiciousness. Even the expert application of specialized knowledge, experience, and various skills are often best labeled as good judgment, a.k.a. judiciousness. Wisdom, as the most special of all categories of knowledge, must fit some basic prerequisites. First and foremost, it must be based on the unequivocal truth and serve as pivotal knowledge and foundational truth(s) (principles, rudiments, quintessence, core fundamentals). This is where discernment comes in, because true wisdom is the refined essence of one or more bodies of truthful knowledge. If it is not truthful, it can't be wisdom. Thereby, opinions of any sort are the antithesis of wisdom, since they are not the truth. Anytime anyone says something like, it is true for me, or it is truth as I/we see it, the sirens and red flags must go up. Truth must be common to and valid for all viewpoints, otherwise it is merely perception, opinion, or certain limited knowledge masquerading as the truth. It must be independently verifiable and not limited by mere viewpoints and perceptions, which themselves are less than the truth.

The following is excerpted from Analyzing the Creator Debate.

Seeking truth and wisdom is the opposite of having faith in science, mysticism, or religion. On the other hand, science has a much better track record by regularly forcing religion to succumb to proven facts. Even so, interpretations of scientific data and observations can be wrong because people make mistakes, misperceive, and/or misinterpret. Wisdom and scientific laws are often the same things, but it is vital to discern if they are accurate. Likewise, philosophical wisdom should engender and embody similar precision, and that is the complete opposite of "faith" and mysticism. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth.

What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

Religion, faith, mysticism, or any other mysterious allusions are not truth or wisdom, they are merely possibilities expressed, but not proven. Though religion and mysticism each represent alluring allusions to certain possibilities, both are little more than error and misinterpretation that is occasionally close, but rarely accurate. Wisdom gives one pivotal insights that result in a true understanding of the related subject matter. Truth, discernment, and wisdom are characterized by precision of thought and concept. Conversely, faith is a purposeful abdication of personal understanding and discernment of the truth. It instead substitutes belief in what one has been told by others. Religion and mysticism are two sides of the same defective coin (of the realm...). People must have faith in each because both fail to offer the ability to independently test and weigh whether they are the truth or wisdom or not, because both fail to educate about the absolute primacy of truth and wisdom.

The ancient Egyptians used sophisticated symbolism to both model and encode wisdom, helping to illustrate universal principles in a most effective way. This was a common practice in the ancient world. When [Amen]Moses sought to preserve wisdom for future generations, he also encoded it using the exact same symbolism he was educated with as an Egyptian elite of the house of Amen. Though he abandoned the prolific gods and use of hieroglyphics, the symbols were still written down as words within narratives, as has long been readily apparent in the Hebrew texts, derivatives, and related sources. Most of the pivotal wisdom symbologies used in early Egypt and Nubia were also used by Hebrew sages and the same meanings were maintained throughout time. As I have comprehensively proven and repeatedly demonstrated, the Hebrew sages purposely encoded great wisdom and much hidden knowledge throughout their narratives by the expert use of a specialized form of ancient wisdom symbology. The keys to this symbology are encoded within the symbols and narratives themselves. Once understood, they work equally well to decode hidden wisdom within Egyptian-Nubian and later Hebrew texts, including the Book of Revelation, Nostradamus, and other purposely encoded symbolic materials.

We have all seen the obsession with symbolism by the Vatican and its cohorts, various secret societies, and mystery schools throughout the last two millennia. This is because much was lost with the destruction of Jerusalem and the forced imposition of Christianity and Islam throughout the Roman Empire. Many have struggled to decode ancient symbolism in the intervening centuries because they have all known it encodes great wisdom about the nature of life and reality. It also encodes the long-hidden truth about these religions, which is why it has been an obsession of Rome to prevent others from understanding it and exposing the truth.

As I mentioned above, this is the core of the secret knowledge that has been sought after and fought over throughout the entire lifespan of Christianity. Many have suffered horribly due to efforts to prevent the masses from ever grasping the symbolized wisdom that would expose the lies of religion and allow people to finally understand pivotal details, long-hidden by deceptive leaders. Great efforts at deception have plagued the entire subject matter of ancient wisdom and related esoterica. Most of the so-called sources of secret knowledge that are available these days are either purposeful misdirection or full of errors resulting from the failure to appreciate the source, nature, and scope of earlier obfuscation. Hence, many of the mystical allusions of the so-called New Age and mystery schools like Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism are mostly dead-wrong about pivotal concepts, because most have failed the tests of mental precision necessary to uncover and understand long-lost ancient wisdom. Consequently, most can't discern the difference between misinterpreted ancient symbolism and the wisdom it was designed to model, encode, and encapsulate.

Following is a detailed definition of wisdom, including related topics, taken from my upcoming book(s). It will repeat some of what I discussed above but also provides significant additional insights. As I said, there is much more to come afterwards, but this is a good first step.

Wisdom–The foundational (simple) truth(s) about a larger body (corpus) of knowledge; pivotal knowledge, principles symbolized as pillars, mountains, pyramids. Axiomatic and/or proverbial knowledge that succinctly enumerates and clarifies a wider understanding of a topic by describing common denominator rules and essential facts (essence, the spirit of) that accurately model pivotal understanding(s) and insight(s), both qualitative and quantitative, about an entire subject matter. Wisdom is thereby a definitive microcosm of a larger macrocosm of knowledge.

It is important to understand that wisdom is a very special class of knowledge, instead of a state of being. One cannot be truly wise without understanding what truth, wisdom, and knowledge are, how to differentiate each from the others, how they relate, and how to effectively use them. Thereby, a true sage must understand the workings of truth and wisdom and how they relate to existence, as well learning and successfully applying actual wisdom in situations where it is relevant. Religion and mysticism fail this test miserably and completely. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

Simple understandings such as the carpenter’s rule of "measure twice and cut once" illustrate the basic wisdom of patiently assessing the consequences of deeds and making the correct choices, thereby preventing damaging errors that cause unnecessary struggle and difficulty. It tells you that thinking accurately by utilizing wisdom first, before acting rashly and in error, makes for a more rewarding and less difficult path through life. It describes the wisdom of patient and accurate assessment before doing deeds that will be far more difficult and time consuming to correct than if one were merely patient and discerned the truth of the situation, beforehand. It also encodes the wisdom of dualism and of assessing the correct path before proceeding forward, so as to avoid erroneous deeds.

Mountains, pyramids, and their peaks symbolize and model the hierarchical relationship between bodies of knowledge and their associated wisdom (pinnacle or pivotal/acme knowledge). The many allusions in modern languages to pinnacle, apex, acme, highest ideals, ascendancy, and so on all flow from original ancient symbolized wisdom that used mountains and peaks to represent the highest of all “earthly” knowledge. Notice also that stars and the sun, hence light (truth) sources are above mountaintops. When standing atop a mountain you can see (understand) them (truth sources) much better. This models that pivotal axiomatic proven principles give one greater insights and a wider understanding of larger bodies of knowledge.

Similarly, the comparison of a stone to a mountain symbolizes the immutable and common-denominator essence (stone) of a specific body of knowledge (mountain), as well as its foundations and cornerstones. Similarly, the metaphor of things being written in or on stone, flows from [Amen]Moses’ symbolic engraving of two tables of stone atop a mountain. Prior to that are the far more numerous Egyptian-Nubian examples of the exact same symbolism. Thereby, these illustrate and model cornerstone knowledge that lasts the tests and ravages of time, hence to enduring and immutable foundational wisdom about life in this universe, such as the Doctrine of Two Spirits, a.k.a. the Two Tables of Stone. Notice that truth is above wisdom on the Doctrine of Two Spirits outline just as light sources (sun and stars) are above mountain tops in nature. This is an example of how natural laws and observations were used to define and organize symbols and related spiritual philosophies.

Wisdom, as underlying and elementary truths that serve as guiding principles, was also referred to as law[s], hence the laws of the universe. Use of “the law” to refer to Hebrew canons flowed from this much earlier usage in Egypt-Nubia. The prime example is Maat as the personification of truth and justice and of universal order. In other words, that truth and justice were underlying laws of the universe. The use of “the law” eventually descended into error by referring to religious dogma, instead of understanding why it was wise to follow a certain path. Thereby, when referring to principles, precepts, maxims, pillars and the like, it is important to always understand the difference between verifiable and pivotal knowledge that encourages wiser deeds and results through greater understanding, as opposed to dogma that imposes strictures on behavior through enforced opinions and for hidden agendas.

The perfect path symbolizes the ideals and principles of the Seven Spirits of God, (a.k.a. seven pillars of wisdom) with the highest being truth and wisdom. It doesn’t dictate what the truth should be, but illustrates the importance of establishing truth, wisdom, and justice as guiding principles. Notice how this directly matches the wisdom of Maat, which presents truth and justice as pivotal laws of the universe.

Notice below how Proverbs 9:1, attributed to Solomon, directly linked wisdom to the Seven Spirits of God/Good through the symbolism of seven pillars. Pay close attention to how this directly contradicts assertions about the so-called Ten Commandments, which are symbolized as ten horns. Why are there so many groups of seven symbolized and so few groups of ten? Why is ten associated with the heads (mindsets) of beasts and dragons, both of which symbolize evil mysterious empires?

Proverbs 9:1
Wisdom has built Her house, She has hewn out Her seven pillars.

Where it states that wisdom has hewn out Her seven pillars, we have the direct statement of the Seven Spirits of God/Good (seven pillars) being cut out by the feminine wisdom, which has no hands (See Sophia, Maat, Kuan Yin). The Book of Daniel 2:34-35 also states that I will cut out a stone, without hand, that will then grow into a great mountain that fills the Earth. Furthermore, Zechariah 3:9 describes a stone engraved with seven eyes and Zechariah 4:2 also describes the seven golden candlesticks. Like wisdom's seven pillars, and the two tables of stone, here we also have the images of symbolic stones and mountains being manipulated by symbolic hands. This directly matches the symbolism of mountains as bodies of knowledge, as well as stones and mountaintops as different comparisons modeling the relationship between pivotal wisdom and a larger body of knowledge that it defines and clarifies.

It is often said that knowledge is power. In actuality, wisdom is power and knowledge is the steep path to wisdom. That is why climbing to the top (ascending) of a mountain has always modeled and symbolized the process of acquiring wisdom, which is through gaining mastery over great bodies of knowledge. The longest and hardest treks are to the top of the highest peaks, which also brings you closer to sources of light (sun, stars, etc. ) and allows you to see much more and further. This is what is symbolized by standing upon a mountaintop. Also, the shortest path to wisdom is the perfect path, hence the straightest path. Pay close attention to how this symbolism has long been misinterpreted by so-called mystics and their groups who have treated it literally and built temples and retreats on literal mountains, failing to understand that is was a symbol that meant something else.

Pyramids and their precise measurements and perfect angles symbolize a body of perfect knowledge and its precise wisdom. The straight sides allude to the shortest path to truth and wisdom, which is a straight line or perfect path. The capstone is based on peaks symbolizing great wisdom and reflective cover stones at the top (capstones) symbolized truth emanating (shining) from the highest point (wisdom). This also matches the close association of all pharaohs with Maat, the personification of Truth and Justice as the basis for universal order, whose consort was Thoth, a.k.a. the Lord of Wisdom and the scribe to the “gods.” Notice how Moses went to a “mountaintop” to acquire the wisdom of “God” inscribed in stone and how this directly matches earlier Egyptian-Nubian concepts?

So, that takes us to the so-called Illuminati pyramid, as seen on the USA one-dollar bill, and what that symbolism actually should mean. We are continuously told that this is “God’s” eye, without ever saying that the Creator doesn’t have physical eyes, so this is symbolizing something else, in addition. As you can see from the above description, the shining capstone should refer to truth emanating from wisdom, as well as wisdom opening one’s eyes and improving one’s ability to “see” the “light”, hence [understand] the [truth]. Since the Seven Spirits are also symbolized as seven eyes, the shining eye above the pyramid symbolizes truth, the highest of the seven eyes (see the Doctrine of Two Spirits outlines) and the only one that is properly symbolized as light. This ties in with sun symbolism and why the eye would be above the pyramid and not directly attached. It also shows that pivotal truth and wisdom are closely related and not attached to “earthly” things, of which the pyramid is made.

Notice that truth and wisdom are the top two items of the Doctrine of Two Spirits outlines. If you overlay a mountain or pyramid, so the base sits at the line separating the lower and upper halves (earth) and it’s peak touches wisdom, then truth (light, stars, sun) would be in the “air” (sky, heaven) above the mountaintop. Ancient symbology uses natural laws and realities to model wisdom and this has been correctly shown in the design of the so-called illuminati pyramid.

This is also modeled by Nut and Geb, which places the feminine sky goddess above and the masculine earth god below. Hence, the spirit of good is philosophically feminine and associated with the air (thought and consciousness). Next, when you overlay the Doctrine of Two Spirits with the cross, which represents the four elements symbolism, the upper arm is the air, and the lower is the earth, with fire at the right arm (east, site of the rising sun) and water as the left (west, where the sun is extinguished every night to bring on a period of darkness.

These are redundant proofs demonstrating that the Doctrine of Two Spirits underlies and perfectly synchronizes with all of the symbolized wisdom flowing from ancient Egypt-Nubia and encoded by the long-obscured symbology of the Bible and related sources. They all associate truth and wisdom with the upper reaches of the air, matching the symbolism of sky and heaven[s]. Air symbolizes thought and the collective consciousness and all the air-related symbols must have related meanings (stars, sun, birds, angels, feather, wings, clouds, sky, heaven, mountain tops, etc.). Hence, birds symbolize philosophies, which are bodies of knowledge with mastery of the “air.” Wings symbolize the pivotal concepts and tenets of a philosophy that propel them through the air (collective human consciousness). A feather represents the simple truth as the most basic tenet. Maat’s two wings thereby symbolize the concept of dualism. Her single feather and her and Isis’ (and others’) wings are thereby purposely associated with the “air,” as is Amen’s dual-feathered headdress. The Egyptian Lord of Wisdom, Thoth, is similarly symbolized with the head (mindset, thoughts) of a “bird” and refers to a philosophy about wisdom, truth and justice, etc. Now look again at the Doctrine of Two Spirits, (two wings) to grasp the philosophy also symbolized as Thoth’s emerald tablets and Moses’ two table[t]s of stone.

Wisdom exists as foundational thought and concepts, thereby its benefits flow from accurate (truthful) and patient thought and contemplation of pivotal knowledge and principles. Proverb’s symbolism of wisdom as “feminine in spirit,” which flows directly from Egyptian-Nubian symbolism (Maat, Nut, Isis, etc), is clearly a precursor to the symbolism of Sophia as the personification of wisdom. Since birds are air symbols, Thoth’s Ibis head symbolizes a feminine mindset, hence the seven pillars of wisdom, also directly associated with the air. These all symbolize axiomatic knowledge about wisdom itself and were purposely structured to perfectly match the Doctrine of Two Spirits as the eventual key to unlocking all ancient symbolized wisdom. See also: Mountain, Pyramid, Cloud, Rule, Without Hand, Understanding, Him that has understanding, Key, Door, Open, Path, Perfect Path, Way, Simple, Pillar, Seven Pillars, Two Pillars, Two Ways, Stone, King, Law, Kings of the East, East, Teacher of Righteousness, Counsel, Testimony, Star, Sun, She, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, Maat, Nut & Geb, Thoth, Five, Two Tables of Stone, Life

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