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This blog is dedicated to the book "Revelations from the Apocalypse, Volume 1: Here is Wisdom" and associated topics raised by the information revealed. This book delivers decisive proof that all three faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions to varying degrees, with Christianity being the worst by far.
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I know my writing is often long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages . - L.W. Page

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Eleven Roars Loudly

Here's some eye opening background information behind many recent watershed events (Macaca, Foley, Ted Haggart, David Kuo, the US election, Hurricane Katrina, etc., etc.) that will prove very enlightening on many levels. Many of the events and situations of recent years were not mere coincidences and I have meticulously produced stunning and comprehensive proof of this, and much else. Resist the urge to dismiss the things I discuss before you review the evidence; be patient and strive to understand what I am presenting. Ask yourself; how many unlikely coincidences are necessary before you recognize a pattern in the noise? Remember, "scoffing in the face of profundity causes blindness..."

I want you all to pay very close attention to the fact that my birthday was August 11th, the day of Mr. Allen's "Macaca" gaffe. Also, the number of characters in "Allen Macaca" is 11. His defeat during month 11, along with many of his ilk, was an apt belated birthday present for me. Also notice that my last name is Page, matching the so-called "page" scandal associated with Mr. Foley. Furthermore, I have been writing about and exposing religious deception and hypocrisy and Ted Haggart's downfall and David Kuo's book, along with a string of other events, served to prove my earlier assertions in stunning fashion. Inspect my photo in my Free Ebook... - (alternate download site) - to see the hat I'm wearing and you'll better appreciate the full scope and import of these recent events. It is from the Troopers (11) Drum and Bugle Corp. of Casper Wyoming, who marched during the Bush-Cheney 2001 inauguration parade. Pay special attention to how the number 11 marks key events during the Bush-Cheney administration. For example, notice that Dick Cheney's hunting accident occurred on February 11th, which was the 6-month mark between August 11, 2005 and 2006 and he is from Casper, Wyoming. Likewise, notice that Hurricane Katrina was named storm number 11, came ashore on August 29, and 2+9=11. Likewise, the current Pope is the 111th on St. Malachy's list, this will be the 110th Congress, and the Democrats picked up 29 (2+9=11) house seats in November (11) (with another not decided until mid December). This is merely the tip of the iceberg, so be prepared to be shocked and amazed.

The following article will further expand your understanding of the nature and purpose of the current social "earthquake." Notice the statement "11 Roars Loudly" !!

NOTE: The above referenced "holiday messages" contain heavily symbolic leading paragraphs, they are not to be taken literally. Let Wisdom's Seventh Chapter unseal the symbols - (alternate download site).

Also, read the following two articles for more background details and proof that many of the events and situations of recent years have not been mere coincidences. Understanding the End Game of Armageddon provides a detailed analysis of key information from the above referenced "holiday messages" and some of what the symbolically encoded messages referred to. Pay close attention to the discussion of "Eleven Roars Loudly." Verifiable proof that Armageddon has begun provides detailed information relating to Hurricane Katrina (Storm # 11) and Rita (Storm # 17) which started the downfall of the Bush crew.

As you will see throughout my articles and books, the number 11 holds very special and purposeful meaning by symbolizing truth and justice (a.k.a. the "Two Candlesticks" and "Two Witnesses" from Revelation Chapter 11) and serving as a hidden key to prove the truth and accuracy of my writing and deeds. Many have scoffed at my assertions in recent years, but I have provided stunning and comprehensive proof of who I am, what I truly represent, and what I have accomplished.

Now comes the truly important work of preventing the excesses of the last six years from ever happening again. As long as people cling to money, religion, and politics, these seemingly never-ending cycles of evil scoundrels, war, great struggles, and repeated injustices will never end.

These scoundrels need to be taught a lesson about truth and justice that all of humanity will take to heart, once and for all.

Did it ever dawn on you that money, religion, and politics are the prime sources of human struggle and continuing to beat a dead horse (or donkey, or elephant) will never solve our seemingly never-ending cycles of calamities? One good lesson to take from this election is that politics is a repeating cycle that will always produce greedy scoundrels who must later be defeated or else. Why beat your heads against the same old wall any longer when the door has been sighted and waiting for you to open your eyes and "see the light?"

Truth, Wisdom, and Justice are non-political, non-religious, and non-monetary.

Here is Wisdom !!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Analyzing the Creator Debate

Did you ever consider that atheism arose because certain people saw that religious characterizations about the nature of an omnipotent "God" were seriously flawed and then concluded that religion and the Creator were the same things? This is the exact same conclusion at the base of religious beliefs; namely that the Creator and religion are inseparable. Consequently, both atheists and religious followers are arguing over a flawed assumption without considering that other possibilities negate the common core conclusion of both groups. These arguments are actually over religion and whether it represents a reliable model of reality. The answer to this question is of course not. Religion is not only flawed, it is purposely deceptive! Though atheists are certainly sincere in their conclusions, the fact remains that they and religious followers are locked in a debate that cannot be won by either side because both base their positions upon whether the same flawed premise is the truth. In order for this debate to conclude with a truthful answer, a greater level of discernment is required.

One apt clarifying question is, if someone tells lies about you, does that negate you or make you a liar or a lie? Certainly, the image cast about you would be a false one, but that is their image, not the real you. Consequently, faulty religious assertions about the Creator of this universe do not negate the existence of a Creator. Considering the possibility that this universe is not by chance leaves the door open to how it arose, which leads us to seek what could have created and maintained it. Since neither religion nor science has yet adequately answered this question, it is safe to conclude that those who argue about the Creator based on either are most certainly wrong about one or more aspects. Therefore, another point of view and additional knowledge are required.

There is simply too much order and precision to this universe to have come about by chance. Accordingly, if a conclusion or an image cast about the nature of this universe is wrong, then arguments in support of that image or conclusion are most likely wrong. The purpose and source of original ancient wisdom has long been obfuscated by those seeking to manipulate people using religion and mysticism, both of which are two sides of the same defective coin (of the realm...). Neither are the truth or wisdom, but flawed images of both. Truth and wisdom are more closely related to and associated with verifiable conclusions flowing from science. Ancient wisdom is regularly mischaracterized and misinterpreted. Though most often associated with the nebulous conclusions of religion and mysticism, it is better understood as an ancient philosophical technology that symbolically models, encodes, and encapsulates pivotal understandings about many hidden and foundational aspects of our reality. Far too many people have misinterpreted both the purpose and meaning of the symbology that encodes ancient wisdom, thereby failing to understand both.

As alluded to by recent observations on the frontiers of quantum physics, the possibility of an intelligent Creator is being reinforced, but the assertions of religion are not. This is because they are not the same things. The "God" of the three faiths of Abraham is a false image that simply cannot exist as portrayed. To have "faith" in someone's assertion of what that "entity" is represents folly and foolishness. Simply asserting the name "God" while attributing clearly flawed notions to it and then worshipping that false image, including so-called scripture, is exactly what the ancient sages warned about. Just like the Bush crew, the founders of Christianity asserted they knew better, not because they actually did, but because they knew a certain ratio of people could be duped into helping them gain wealth and power. These are the same groups who have claimed that religion represents ancient truths and wisdom, but all of the evidence presented by their deeds and results says otherwise.

The structure and order throughout all eleven dimensions of this holographically organized reality are not merely by chance. The truthful understandings of ancient wisdom, along with observations on the frontiers of science, are converging to present us with new and expanded insights about our universe and reality. It appears that the "Creator" and souls participate cooperatively in maintaining this thought-based "universe." With that said, religion is dead wrong about who, what, where, why, and how. One big clue to this conclusion is that religious and political leaders have always conspired to purposely deceive people about the true nature of reality.

Having faith in the assertions of those seeking profit is folly. When they wrap themselves in religion while equivocating about good and evil and claiming to serve "God," they are obviously striving to deceive. Just contemplate the fact that many world leaders belong to secretive cabals while claiming to be religious believers, that the Vatican/Papacy maintains a great store of secret knowledge while demanding faith, that the holier-than-thou pretenses of both religious and political leaders are regularly being exposed as great hypocrisy, and that religious leaders often speak against the occult while many are members of secret societies associated with the so-called occult. Such widespread duplicity is not evidence of those with a love for the truth.

Seeking truth and wisdom is the opposite of having faith in science, mysticism, or religion. On the other hand, science has a much better track record by regularly forcing religion to succumb to proven facts. Even so, interpretations of scientific data and observations can be wrong because people make mistakes, misperceive, and/or misinterpret. Wisdom and scientific laws are often the same things, but it is vital to discern if they are accurate. Likewise, philosophical wisdom should engender and embody similar precision, and that is the complete opposite of "faith" and mysticism. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth.

What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

Here is Wisdom !!