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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grasping Ancient Wisdom

NOTE : For a more complete and better edited version of these topics and their symbolic importance, visit my new website and download my new book - Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

Edited 8/17/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part Three

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

If you haven't already done so, read the preceding articles in this series:
Part One - Grasping the Truth about Wisdom
Part Two - Grasping Wisdom about the Truth

Since I talk about ancient wisdom and will do so much more in the upcoming months, it is important to clarify and expound some before moving on to delve more deeply into the specifics. Following is the definition from the current draft of the upcoming update to the Apocalypse Symbol Guide. This will help lay a bridge from the discussions about truth and wisdom in the earlier articles to the in-depth exploration of ancient wisdom and its associated symbology in upcoming articles and books.

Ancient Wisdom–This term is fraught with confusion because of widespread ignorance about the true meaning of wisdom. Ancient wisdom is most often associated with what some call the mysteries, which is a real problem because mystery and wisdom are opposing concepts. Though wisdom requires absolute precision and accuracy of concept, the spiritually-associated mysteries are mostly imprecise allusions and purposeful misdirection that absolutely fail this test. It is important to realize that true spiritual wisdom is timeless and applies to the workings of the universe and those who operate within it, not just to things only relevant to a particular time period or a limited body of knowledge. Far too many who delve into the so-called mysteries, “eastern” religion, associated mysticism and esoterica, and/or the three faiths of Abraham are clueless about the history of the poorly sourced, badly translated, and deception riddled derivative materials and concepts they rely upon.

Much of what is called ancient wisdom is actually misinterpreted ancient symbology that was designed to model, encode, and encapsulate pivotal spiritual and cosmological wisdom and related philosophy. Many also misuse the term to describe ancient medical or herbal knowledge, further muddying the lines between situational knowledge, good judgment, and wisdom. The term ancient wisdom is itself somewhat of a misnomer, since true spiritual wisdom, being timeless and immutable, is not subject to the changing interpretations imposed by religion, mysticism, tradition, or the styles of a particular period.

With that said, the term ancient wisdom most accurately refers to the symbolized wisdom flowing from ancient Egypt-Nubia and their forbears during the earlier times they called Zep Tepi. Unlike the more literal approach to spiritual philosophy and cosmology taken by later civilizations and especially western religion and esoterica, the Egyptians and Nubians framed and represented their wisdom both dualistically and symbolically to better match pivotal insights into the verifiable nature of our reality. Furthermore, they used verifiable natural objects, concepts, and observable realities to model the hidden aspects of existence and related spiritual philosophy. They didn’t practice religion (or magic…) as most now understand it. Western interpretations of their spiritual concepts, practices, and philosophies are mostly misguided, dead-wrong, and fail to fully appreciate the great antiquity of the concepts that the Egyptians themselves viewed as ancient wisdom.

Sadly, much of this situation flows from purposeful efforts to confound the truth about the sources and meaning of information that would disprove many religious, mystery school, and secret society assertions. Though all of the empires of the past sought to guard certain information from their enemies and subjects, the efforts of the Roman Empire are by far the most egregious. The raiding and destruction of knowledge caches like the library at Alexandria, Jerusalem, Qumran, and others by pre-Christian Rome are prime examples. But the worst and longest-running efforts to stamp-out and confound the wisdom flowing from ancient Egypt-Nubia and elsewhere have been carried out by Christian Rome, the Vatican, and their proxies. The hiding of vast caches of ancient documents beneath the Vatican as they hypocritically talk about faith and reason while secretly managing and manipulating secret societies and mystery schools is duplicity and deception on a grand scale. Because of such efforts throughout the preceding centuries and into the present, a significant level of compounded error now plagues those who seek to understand through religion, mysticism, the New Age, associated concepts and related error-filled knowledge bases.

One of the important aspects of Egyptian-Nubian cosmology was the purposeful merger of physical science, cosmology, and spiritual-moral philosophy. They correctly understood that the universe was composed of a conceptual-spiritual aspect that underlies and directly influences both the structure and outcomes in space-time. They also recognized this is inseparable from the dualism inherent within spiritual-moral realities, which are likewise inseparable from resulting physical existence and outcomes, which emanate from and affect the spiritual-conceptual-moral underpinnings, ad infinitum. This is clearly modeled by the eternity-infinity symbol or lemniscate (the number 8 on its side), which also happens to be the actual number of the dimension of time and the first dimension of space-time.

The four dimensions of space-time are dimensions 8 through 11. They are preceded and defined by dimensions 1 through 7. String theory has shown that there are eleven dimensions to our reality. Hence, there are seven hidden dimensions that precede and define the four dimensions of space-time (7+4=11). That is why the numbers four and seven are so prominent throughout so many ancient symbolic sources. Those seven hidden dimensions are the spiritual-conceptual underpinnings of the four expanded and expansive dimensions of space-time. Discussions of seven heavens, spheres, spirits, and many other seven-symbol groups are purposely modeling or alluding to this hidden yet often referenced segment of our universe. Egyptian assertions of receiving certain wisdom and cosmology from a highly advanced earlier period of civilization are strongly validated by the highly advanced and sophisticated nature of pivotal components of their symbolized wisdom.

Parallel observations are detailed within Bohm’s theories and discussions about the implicate and explicate orders and other observations flowing from quantum physics. Bohm does not attach a direct dimension count because those details came after his work. The functionality modeled and detailed by his theories perfectly matches the allusions of many ancient sources, as well as the details of string theory. Bohm’s efforts to understand the synchronicity of quantum physics with eastern mysticism are well known and widely published. The merger of these different sources with the verifiable truth about ancient wisdom symbology helps to clarify much that has been held as mysterious for millennia.

The subject of eastern mysticism and philosophy is pivotal to this discussion. There are two related references to the “east” associated with the topics of ancient wisdom and “the mysteries.” The first, which is more closely related to the topic of the so-called mysteries, are the symbolic references to the east and ascending from the east in Egyptian-Nubian-Hebrew related narratives. This specifically refers to the location and action of the rising Sun, and what it symbolizes. The sun represents our primary source of light and heat, which symbolize truth and justice. The rising or ascending sun represents the triumph of light (truth) and justice (heat) over the dark (absence of the truth) and cold (absence of justice). Likewise, the Sphinx is purposely focused on the direction and point on the horizon of the rising sun during the spring equinox for its symbolic meanings. Accordingly, Maat, Amen, and other Egyptian-Nubian “gods” and pharaohs were unequivocally said to support Truth and Justice and that is the reason for the synchronous symbolism of the winged-sun and Maat. People who claim to be experts in Egyptian and Hebrew religious themes and their meaning and then focus only on astrology or sun worship without exploring the symbolism of truth and justice are either clueless or lying.

The other meaning of the east is the Asian Far East, hence India, China, etc. The eastern philosophies were much less religious and much more focused on karma, reincarnation, the soul, the importance of certain wisdom, and spiritual esoterica and enlightenment. Thereby, the east has always alluded to wisdom about the soul, enlightenment, and other spiritual topics. An interesting thing to note about the mysticism of the east is the existence of various terms and concepts that were first presented in symbolic form in ancient Egypt-Nubia, and according to them, during the time of Zep Tepi. A prime example is the term Karma, which was also referred to as Ka-Maat. Ka meant one's spiritual nature based upon accumulated deeds during your lifetime. This is the true ancient meaning of the term spirit, hence one’s moral essence and character. Maat symbolized the principles of Truth and Justice as the basis for universal balance and order. Notice the perfect linguistic match, as well as the perfect conceptual match between ka-maat and karma? She (of the feminine nature...) also symbolically personified truth, justice, compassion, etc. You know, just like the much later personified symbolism of Sophia (Wisdom), Kuan Yin (Compassion), and the women of Hebrew mysticism recast and hidden under the name Mary by Christianity.

Both Karma and Ka-Maat mean spiritual truth and justice as the basis for universal balance and order. The fact that this term came from ancient Egypt which was merely one part of a far more precise and developed symbolized spiritual technology shows that it originated in Africa, not in India. Also, the categorization of certain characteristics as masculine and feminine was quintessentially Egyptian, long before the later Sophia, Kuan Yin, and others.

Similarly, eastern mystics regularly had mountaintop retreats, yet mountains, pyramids, and their peaks were used to symbolize knowledge and wisdom much earlier in Egypt and in the earliest Hebrew materials. The story of [Amen]Moses ascending a great mountain and gaining wisdom atop its peak symbolizes his gaining mastery over a great body of knowledge (mountain) and acquiring (grasping) its wisdom (peak, pinnacle, highest point), hence the symbolism of acsension. Consequently, these examples clearly demonstrate that some eastern mysticism undeniably flows from the failure to understand earlier Egyptian-Nubian symbolism and philosophical concepts, just like Western esoterica. Those in the East had a better grasp of the subject matter though and were not bedeviled by as much spiritual deception as those in the West. This is the reason why similar concepts have long been called mysteries. Those from outside of Egypt and Nubia failed to grasp the meaning of Medu Netcher (hieroglyphics) and associated symbolized wisdom and were clearly operating from misconceptions based partly on oral transmission.

Most of the Egyptian-Nubian gods were initially created as symbolized and personified universal principles that were purposefully dualistic in nature. They had masculine and feminine aspects inherent in their symbolism and/or had mates that balanced the details of their symbolized gender and aspects. These were meant as philosophical symbolism of certain characterizations (natures, spirits), not literal gender. This misconception plagues religion and the mysteries still. To understand this, the upper half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits enumerates the feminine aspect and the bottom half is the masculine. Other philosophical concepts were also organized accordingly. As prime examples are details associated with Amen and Amenet, Maat and Thoth, and Nut and Geb. The feminine and masculine structure of the Doctrine of Two spirits is clearly illustrated by the symbolism of Nut and Geb. They all perfectly match-up to the structure modeled by the Doctrine of Two Spirits overlaid by the cross-ankh. Understanding of this symbolized wisdom drifted into more and more error over time due to religious and political influences. It was finally lost due to outside invaders who arrogantly imposed their religious ignorance. Even so, Egyptian philosophy remained much closer to the root concepts than the later derivative religions that failed to understand and purposely recast and confounded pivotal symbolized wisdom.

The Doctrine of Two Spirits also purposely parallels and models the actual structure of this universe. The Seven Spirits of God/Good models certain wisdom about the seven dimensions that underlie and define space-time, while the seven spirits of evil (error) model certain realities associated with space-time. The cross and ankh are both models of the four elements, which purposely model underlying wisdom about the true sources and nature of the four dimensions of space-time. The dualism modeled by the Doctrine of Two Spirits and its direct relationship and inter-functionality with the four elements are the prime examples of the symbolized wisdom that was confounded to hide the truth about religion, the mysteries, and the symbology used to encode pivotal spiritual wisdom. The fact that four plus seven equals eleven and that this matches and models the verifiable dimensional structure of our "universe" should be proof enough of many things.

In the purposeful model formed by Doctrine of Two Spirits, overlaid by the cross-ankh (a.k.a. four elements), truth and wisdom are shown residing outside of space-time, hence within the seven dimensions, which precede time. Also, when the Doctrine of Two Spirits is overlaid by both the cross & ankh it positions truth and wisdom at the very top of the "head" of the ankh and at the top of the upper arm of the cross. Since both represent air, which symbolizes thought and the collective consciousness, this clearly positions truth and wisdom as the highest of spiritual concepts. They are purposely modeled in this way to impart the insight that they are timeless and non-physical in nature, as well as being senior to space-time realities and perceptions. The merger of properly decoded ancient wisdom with the frontiers of modern science provides the keys to ending the lies of religion and the errors of mysticism by proving the truth about all the related mysteries. See also: Wisdom, Eastern Wisdom, East, Ascending from the East, Pyramid, Sphinx, Lord of Wisdom, Symbology, Ancient Wisdom Symbology, Medu Netcher, Judgment, Doctrine of Two Spirits, Ancient of Days, Words of God, Zep Tepi, Karma, Ka, Maat, Amen

Part Four - Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology
Part Five - Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom

Here is Wisdom...

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grasping Wisdom about the Truth

Edited 8/17/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part Two

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

This is part two in this series. If you haven't already done so, read part one first, which is titled; "Grasping the Truth about Wisdom".

Truth and wisdom are best understood, described as, and characterized by precision of thought and concept. Thereby, accuracy and preciseness are their unwavering and immutable hallmarks. As described in the first article in this series, opinions of any sort are the antithesis of wisdom, since they are not the truth. Anytime anyone says something like, it is true for me, or it is truth as I/we see it, the sirens and red flags must go up. Truth must be common to and valid for all viewpoints, otherwise it is merely perception, opinion, feelings, or certain limited knowledge masquerading as the truth. Truth is the bedrock and foundation of existence from which all other things arise. Truth must exist before there can be wisdom. Though wisdom is the true power in this universe, truth is its underlying source and unequivocal prerequisite. Before there can be falsehoods, there must be truth to be false about.

Truth and intelligence are both referred to as straightness and sharpness and this harks back to the requirement of discernment. When considering the symbolism of the sharp two-edged sword, which refers to truth and justice, discernment and wisdom can be seen as sharpening tools (stones) to remove the impreciseness or dullness of mind and concept that hinders reaching the razor's edge of the truth.

With this understanding, it is clear to see that the efforts of Rome and the Vatican, currently and over the preceding centuries, are deeply damaging and purposely detrimental to the intellectual well-being of billions. Putting religion (and money and politics) between you, the seeker hungry for truth and wisdom, and the preciseness and straightness required to actually reach and acquire them, has caused great evil in this world. It is also without doubt that it has always been a purposeful effort, now and throughout history. Imposing ignorance and destroying the ability of people to actually discern how to be wise, truthful, and personally responsible, without religion, money, and politics has been very profitable for some. Anyone who doubts this must explain why Rome still has such large caches of knowledge which they hide from everyone else, as they preach about faith and the evils of money. Such hypocrisy and duplicity are not the actions of those with a love for the truth.

The myriad contradictions and outright deceptions of these concepts (money, religion, and politics) and associated institutions purposely hamper forward progress because they destroy the ability to think accurately and precisely. Those who think poorly perform poorly. Those who think in crooked lines, perform accordingly. Forcing the dominance of imprecise concepts through force of arms, force of numbers, and the force of deception is an obvious fallacy and a great evil, as the currently unfolding global debacles clearly prove, once again. It is beyond obvious that this is a long-term and purposeful effort to keep people stupid enough to exploit the human herd. Thereby, the best solution to this world's problems are the establishment of unequivocal truth, wisdom, and the ability to finally understand what they are and why they are so vitally important. Then we can collectively and cooperatively establish a sane and just civilization not hampered by the impreciseness of imposed ignorance and deception.

A prime illustration of the importance of truth are certain specific long-term efforts to prevent people from grasping what it is. For example, let's explore the truth about the dualistic symbolism of light and dark, which I discuss throughout current articles and will expound on further in the upcoming articles and books. Simply, light symbolizes the truth and dark symbolizes the absence of the truth. Similarly, to "see" symbolizes to "understand" and blindness symbolizes ignorance, hence the inability to understand something. The association of these two groups of symbols becomes obvious when put together and related in this manner. Thereby, to "see” the “light" symbolizes to [understand] the [truth]. Similarly, when one is blind to something, it means to not understand or recognize the truth of it. Closing one's eyes to something means the exact same thing, while implying self-imposed ignorance. Yet, as simple and straightforward as these are, the powers emanating from Rome have long undertaken great efforts, throughout the previous centuries and to this very day, to confound such simple understandings of symbolized wisdom and the ancient symbols used to model and encode it. This is because they prove that many of the assertions in the New Testament (and elsewhere) are blatant deceptions, purposeful obfuscation, and verifiable misdirection.

Merging the visual symbolism of light and that of straight lines between two points also illustrates the precise nature of this symbology, as opposed to the many nebulous obfuscations and misdirections. Light travels in straight lines until interrupted and/or deflected, but its inertia is still straight. Even diffusion within the atmosphere (air, hence thought and consciousness) is ruled by straight line deflections. Similarly, when one stands atop a mountain, and looks upward towards a star, it forms a straight line of sight. The light from the star (a source point of enlightenment) also comes into your eyes in perfectly straight lines. This science, when used as the basis for symbology, purposely and precisely models the processes of gaining understanding, insight, truth, and wisdom. As I have pointed out in various places, the symbology evidenced in these ancient sources, texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. It also proves that the original concepts were a merger of science and philosophy, instead of religion and mysticism.

Many have been oppressed, tortured, maimed, and killed to hide these simple truths from the masses. Why you might ask? Just ask those who have duped billions into thinking that "opening the eyes of the blind" was a miracle by someone called Jesus, which no one can truthfully historically verify. When you understand the truth, you can clearly "see" that it originally, merely, and always meant teaching people to understand truths long-hidden from them. Hence, the blind (deceived, deluded, and thereby made ignorant) would then finally understand the truth by grasping certain wisdom. Yet, the imposed and pervasive impreciseness of the use of "the light" to characterize Jesus, as well its use by the current New Age movement, Freemasonry, and other forms of mysticism, is the exact opposite of what it actually means. Consequently, the Vatican and cohorts have used the symbols light, spirit, stars, sun, and so forth to impose darkness. The nebulous association of wisdom symbols with undefined concepts and/or their literal interpretation within narratives that are undeniably symbolic is the opposite of truth or wisdom.

Since wisdom requires precision of concept, it follows that wisdom symbols must themselves require precision of meaning. Thereby, those who purposely confound ancient wisdom by recasting the symbols that were used for millennia to model and encode it, know full well that they are purposefully and blatantly hiding both truth and wisdom. So, as already quoted:

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

In other words, faith as a philosophical assertion is a primary source of blindness because it is a purposeful deception. It is also important to understand that the original materials that were later recast to seem to have been calling for "faith", were actually referring to faithfulness. They are not the same things. The reasons any dictionary confuses them now is because of the efforts of Christian Rome and Christians. Faithfulness means integrity, dependability, truthfulness, preciseness, validity, etc. Hence a faithful servant is one that can be counted on to follow through and be honest, truthful, authentic, and wise in the process. Christian Rome has clearly duped billions to avoid being faithful by imposing a great deception upon the world under the heading of "faith".

Is this clear enough yet?

Our world is descending towards unimaginable chaos and some still continue to profit from imposing ignorance on others, knowing full well that they are doing so, for profit. Some of them are so deluded that they may not grasp the full extent of the damage they cause. On the other hand, those near the top of these institutions most certainly do and continue imposing blatant fallacies and facades, nonetheless. The key to ending the plight of so many in this world is the removal of imposed ignorance, so the blind can finally "see the light" and take personal responsibility to understand and apply the wisdom necessary to end ages-old problems and starkly negative results. Our world will never improve without the understanding of the importance of truth, wisdom, self-sacrifice, etc.

Reason without morality in a spiritually-based universe consistently results in illogic, error, and falsehood, none of which are the truth. This is one reason why true wisdom is so vital to validating and understanding the truth(s) about life in a dualistic universe. This is also why it is so important to understand the truth about the structure and nature of this reality, which consists of 11 dimensions that are split between seven spiritual-conceptual dimensions that underlie and give rise to the perceptions and outcomes within the four dimensions of space-time. Though dually structured, the interplay between them affects the quality and nature of life and realities that we all experience. The more the negative aspects rule, the more negative are the outcomes. The more the positive rules, the more positive life becomes. Pay close attention to the Doctrine of Two Spirits again.

The following is the current definition of Truth from my upcoming book updates. Strive to understand so you can help others open their eyes, so they can thereby help others, as well.

Truth–This is the Creator's (and thereby all soul’s) foundational inspiration, thoughts, and knowledge. It is thereby the fountain of all that actually is. It is the actuality from which existence emanates before it is altered by perceptions of any kind, hence before space-time arises. Without the truth there can be no wisdom. Justice and all other items of the Seven Spirits of Good are lessened to the extent that truth is absent. It is the first and most important step on the perfect path, and is thereby the unequivocal prerequisite requirement for perfection, wisdom, justice, etc. It is the primary and unwavering expression of what is.

The straight answer symbolizes the unwavering truth, hence a perfect straight line between two points; between the question[er] and answer[er], the seeker and the sought, and so on. Intelligence is often referred to as sharpness. Truth and wisdom both require precision of thought and concept and are thereby characterized by and acquired through preciseness and accuracy of thought and deeds, hence the symbolism of the sharp two-edged sword.

"One" symbolizes the Creator while "two" refers to the dualism of this universe, hence the simplest characterization of a "creation." Two thereby also symbolizes the Truth. This is a bipolar or dualistic universe built upon the interplay between paired extremes or opposite poles/points. The simplest structure in this universe is dual, because to go from nothing to something requires two states. For there to be something, there first had to be nothing, and if there is only nothing, then there can’t be a universe. So in the context of this model, the number one is the dual opposite of zero, hence the binary system, which is an apt model of the foundations of the universe arising from nothing to something. Just as in a computer system, complex interactions and the things they give rise to can be traced back to the simplest binary logic, which underlies them all. When viewing the complexities of the resulting manifestations, this is not always easily recognized, but it is ultimately verifiable.

When understanding the nature of the dualism of truth and lies we can look at the underlying structure, hence uncover the wisdom. Gaining knowledge and understanding through discernment is the process of learning, which is the process of posing (visualizing) a question (point of view) and locating the correct answer (the sought point). For every correct question, there is a perfect answer. Therefore, Point A is the question and Point B is the correct answer. The shortest path between them is a straight, unwavering (unequivocal, narrow) line (straight answer) or perfect path. Thereby, you can visualize the truth as a perfect straight line between two points – viewer (A) and truth (B), or a straight question and a straight answer. This is the underlying source of the straight and narrow symbolism.

Referring back to the symbolism of wisdom as the peak of mountains and pyramids and stars as points of light (truth, enlightenment), notice that when you stand upon a mountaintop (for a clearer view of the stars), the line of sight between the viewer (atop the mountain/pyramid) and a star is a perfect straight line. Also, the air (thought) atop the mountain (knowledge and wisdom) is clearer, with less distortion, so one’s sight (understanding, insight) is improved. The inverse also redundantly reinforces this model. Light travels in straight lines, and the focused point of light (truth) of a star (point of enlightenment) represents a perfect straight line. This illustrates that wisdom improves the ability to understand the truth by reducing things that would obscure it. Also, since you are closer to the sun and stars (light) atop the highest peaks, the greatest wisdom brings you closer to perceiving and grasping the ultimate truth(s) by improving [in]sight.

To more reliably discern the truth, you must also understand the nature of the lie, so you can tell them apart. The simplest model poses a single alternate to the truth, as modeled as a straight line between two points, A and B. The single alternate would then add a third point, C. The line drawn that includes all three points forms a triangle, which is also the simplest form of an endless loop, hence a source of spin, misdirection, crookedness, and so on. Pay close attention to the conceptual structure of the Strong Lie, the world’s economic and financial systems, religion, and politics. Also, money, religion, and politics are each modeled as triangles and together they form a triple (9 points) triangle (triquetra), which is also symbolized as the bottomless pit.

Notice how so many of the “New World Order” (3 words…) organizations, secret societies, and religions are marked by the number 3 or use a triangle as their symbol? This is why “three” marks the Vatican and its cohorts symbolically (in The Apocalypse and elsewhere) and in reality. A mystery can therefore be understood as truth that has been obscured by one or more alternate answers. Notice how so-called mystery schools and secret societies use the numbers 3, 6, and 9, triangles, and pyramids in their symbolism and doctrine? This wisdom is also the key to understanding the true nature of so-called spin-doctors.

To end any mystery or lie, you must eliminate the false (alternate) answer(s) and straighten the path to reach or uncover perfection, which is the truth. It is not subject to interpretation/equivocation once found; it simply is correct or it is not. Truth is immutable and unwavering. If the datum doesn’t deliver a solid and unwavering understanding, that is not a contradiction, a feeling, or mere opinion, then you haven’t understood the truth yet. Allusions likewise are not the truth, so religion and mysticism, (mysteries), simply can’t qualify, no matter how much some may assert so. After millennia of deception and blatant evil, religion still is unable to hide the truth that it is not the truth.

Equivocation is the art of the lie, which is why it is used to pursue religion, money, politics, and cause mystery. Any time you seek to gain profit at the expense of the truth, you are walking the path of greed, falsehood and injustice, which is the false and imperfect path (crooked, error, folly). You are thus creating an endless loop for yourself and for all others that your falsehoods influence. The way out of an endless loop (bottomless pit) is to dispense with the obfuscating points, find the truth, and straighten the loop into a straight line, a.k.a. perfect path. That is the simple key to ending spin and the resulting downward spirals it causes.

The same underlying concepts can be used to improve intelligence, insight, etc. A person’s or group’s ability to solve problems in life will be proportional to the amounts of truth and falsehood in their mind(s) and knowledge bases. Likewise, a person, group, or other knowledge base is capable of or hampered from wisdom (accuracy) by the proportions of truth and falsehood they possess and process. It’s the exact same thing modeled by the computer analogy of garbage in and garbage out.

Since thought flows, and the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, those who can more reliably think in straight lines (streams, etc.) and are hindered the least by alternates to the truth (causes of inaccurate thought, crooked paths, and endless loops), will have the greatest precision of mind and concepts. Thereby, they will be the sharpest, straightest, and the clearest thinkers. For this reason, those hampered by religion, mysticism, falsehoods, and other conceptual imprecision, instead of possessing (and processing) accurate and precise truth and wisdom, are symbolized as being duller of mind. This relates directly to the sharp two-edged sword symbolism, since truth and justice are closely interdependent. See also: Two, Sharp, Sharp Two-Edged Sword, Straight, Narrow, Hall of Two Truths, Maat, Just, Righteousness, Fountain, Light, Dark, Three, Third Part, Strong Lie, Mystery, Mystery Babylon, Perfect Path, Belial, Money, Religion, Politics, Pit, Bottomless Pit, Dull, Triquetra

Part Three - Grasping Ancient Wisdom
Part Four - Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology
Part Five - Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom

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